10 Possible Reasons Your Online Store Isn’t Doing Well

The beautiful part of creating an online store is that without having a brick-and-mortar establishment, you can generate handsome revenue while avoiding labor or overhead costs.

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However, even with your competitors minting incredible profits, if you find your site not doing well, it’s time to take a more in-depth look at your business.

Here are 10 possible reasons that your online store is not doing well.

1)  Mobile ‘Unfriendly’ Store

One of the biggest reasons why your online store may fail to procure more sales is that your site is not mobile optimized. Most online shoppers use their smartphones to browse while on the go. However, not being able to navigate through a store is a frustrating experience. One problem could be the call to action button to shop now or add to cart is not at a convenient position. The site aesthetics can also get compromised when the website is not mobile-friendly.  

2)  Pricing Issues

Pricing your products is a complicated task. If you price your goods too low, they can be assumed to be of low quality. If you price them too high, they won’t get any buyers. In order to fix the problem with your product pricing, you can re-evaluate the market price of your competitors and set an appropriate rate to appeal to more buyers. The key is to embrace trial and error. You’ll eventually get the hang of it and gain more customers.

3) Outdated Or Limited Payment Options

Plenty of payment options mean a large audience of potential buyers. By limiting your payment options or by using outdated methods of payment, you’re setting your online store up for failure. Many shoppers prefer apps such as PayPal, credit and debit cards, online banking, unified payment interfaces, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and others. Partner with the right banks and companies to stop people from abandoning their carts due to payment inconveniences. With Yondo, everything you need is all in one place, giving you the ability to accept payments from all over the world instantly.

4) Not Getting Enough Website Traffic

The success of any online store will largely depend on the amount of website traffic. If you are not able to draw the right amount of traffic, it may be attributed to a number of reasons. These reasons could include the need to improve the promotion of your online store or products. Also, maybe the SEO is off balance, or your backlinks aren’t of any help. If your site lacks traffic, you could track where the problem arises by using any number of marketing tools. Proper promotions on social media and other websites could cure the problem if done correctly. 

5) Wrong Target Audience 

Determining your ideal target audience can be a challenge. We can imagine your horror when you realize you have been targeting the wrong audience all this time. But it’s okay. It takes time and plenty of trial and error. When you find yourself fishing in a pool of an unresponsive audience, go back to your research and get more specific with your filters. Financial background, interests, lifestyle, geographic location, age, ethnicity, and gender are a few of the common criteria you can use to focus your efforts. Once you have your custom audience in place, you can create a similar audience search to use in the sales funnel. You can also review your competitors’ audience filter to get a better idea.

6) Poor Product Promotion Quality

The quality of your product promotion whether it’s through photography or video will affect the confidence of your customers. The importance of putting the best image or video of your product or service on your online store is casually ignored by many e-commerce businesses. The background, quality, angles, and aesthetics captured of your product can make or break a sale. If there is a poor portrayal of your product or service, customers may not trust the quality. They won’t purchase it. To increase sales, invest in product appropriate shoots with a professional product photographer or videographer. The investment will be well worth it.

7) Insufficient Product Details

The internet makes it easier than ever for shoppers online to browse options. Not providing enough details of the product or services you offer, is a cardinal sin of e-commerce. For customers to trust your goods or services, being clear about all of the specifications is necessary. If you provide insufficient details, it can create doubt and lead to lower buys. Remember, the devil is in the details.

8) Need To Verify Credibility

Your product may be of premium quality but how would visitors know this fact? The public has grown wary since there are many scamming e-commerce sites that sell below standard goods in the name of luxury. This is where reviews come to your rescue. Encourage your buyers to leave a review by sending them email, text, or phone call prompts. If you don’t have enough buyers, you can ask your friends and relatives to write genuine reviews. Hold online contests and give away your products as prizes to get a review from the winner. Use the help of social media influencers by sending them freebies for a product or service review and publicity. The more you’re talked about, the more traffic will be drawn to your online store. 

9) Ineffective Marketing Funnel Strategy   

Maybe you’re doing everything right except your marketing funnel strategy. Once you have your ideal audience in place, creating a series of goals to verify that you move them through the funnel without losing them in the process takes time. It takes time but is not impossible. Review and revise your marketing funnel strategy regularly. You can also change your audience as trends change in the market. Also, run high-quality content to encourage them to purchase your product or service. The ideal funnel can be something like this:

  • Post 1: address a certain problem that is relatable to your audience. Make sure your content makes a lasting impact with compelling facts and visuals.
  • Post 2: show them how your product or service can help tackle that problem. You can show a competitor analysis by comparison too.
  • Post 3: release introductory pricing, a limited time offer, or a first buy discount.
  • Once your customer buys the product, make sure you reengage them with your best content. This will remind them to repurchase in order to keep them as a loyal customer.

10)  Poor Customer Care Services

The demand if exceptional customer service is higher than ever in today’s online market. If nothing else kills your profits, this definitely will. Customer care is one of the most vital aspects of making online sales. People will have questions before, during, and after making their purchase. Be sure that you support them through it all like a loyal partner. Answer their queries as soon as possible with a ticket system of live chats. You can have an FAQ section to help as well. 

Over to You

Now that you know the possible reasons for your online store not doing as well as expected, you can take the necessary steps to improve your business. There may be several aspects of your e-commerce site that you could improve upon with the help of Yondo. It is just a matter of time to fix the problem and start your upward ascent to success!

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