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10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog


Currently, there are  over 240 million blogs in the internet. 329 million people are viewing these blogs everyday. 500 000 new blog posts are created and and over 400,000 comments being posted on these blogs everyday. That’s a fairly large audience of people ready and waiting to read your content and that can lead to some pretty advantageous outcomes if you utilize the platform correctly.


Boost your SEO Traffic

It is said that having a blog gives your business 97% more inbound links, so by default, you’re going to be generating far more traffic and attention for your business. Every blog post you write is another opportunity for your blog to be found through a search engine. The more posts you write, the more likely it is that prospective clients are going to see your content and frequent your page for updates.  


Have a Voice within Your industry

Having a voice within your industry is important in order to be seen as a competitive force with something more to offer. No one knows who you are until you tell them, so use your blog as an opportunity to shape the discussions about your business. Who else is going to talk about your products and services if not yourself? Blogs are a platform for you to do this in a strategic way, that lets you tactfully discuss issues and describe the ways in which your service can aid them.


Produce Quality Content for Social Media

Everyone knows the crucial role that social media plays when marketing your business online. What attracts the right kind of attention on social media is having engaging, and thought-provoking content that can be shared and used as marketing content – this is where blog posts become handy. Every post you make is shareable content, which can be re-shared and promoted through your followers without lifting a finger. All of this activity from each blog post exposes your business to larger audiences.

It also takes a lot of pressure off those in charge of your social media. Having a strong and consistent social media presence is everything for a business in this day and age. Blogging really lessens the workload because instead of constantly trying to source quality shareable content that says something about your business, it’s readily available.

In utilizing these channels simultaneously, you are driving traffic to your blog – a hub of information and branding for your business, through your social media – a cheap and effective marketing platform which is really an ideal process for a small business.


Build a Community of Clients and Associates

Blogging allows you to connect with people from all areas of your industry in a way that no other channel can. You exchange insightful and detailed information, comment on each other’s findings, enter into discussions about the industry and open a line of communication with both associates and prospective clients. This will not only enhance your customer penetration but will also help you access their circles of influence through effective word of mouth marketing.


Establish Authority

If you’re creating blog posts that are helpful for your target audience, you’ll become a go-to page for them to seek answers and solutions. This will quickly establish your authority in their eyes which can be extremely powerful when connecting with them and showcasing your products and services. If they trust your expertise their far more likely to trust your services. 


Shape your Brand

Each post you create for your blog says something about your brand. After reading a selection of your posts, readers should have a solid understanding of what your business is all about; your values and your attitudes. Regularly posting shows consistency, credibility and dedication. This makes it an ideal way to connect with wider audiences and define your brand.

Become more Innovative 

Feedback truly is a real benefit for a business because it allows you to see things from a different perspective. Blogs are a hub for sourcing quality feedback because after your readers have deeply engaged with your content/ products/ services, they are able to make more insightful comments and suggestions. If you use you feedback effectively, you can implement changes and develop new ideas to constantly improve your products and services.


Spend Less on Marketing

Blogs are an extremely cost-effective marketing tool. Their high ROI combined with the minuscule cost it takes to produce the content makes them ideal for promoting your business.




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