10 Tips for Conducting Impressive Video Calls

Video calls are an extremely popular platform for business professionals to connect due to their efficacy as a communication tool. The convenience of being able to communicate from anywhere in the world with an internet connection has made  them so popular they are surpassing traditional forms of communication. Knowing how to effectively conduct these calls can mean great things for your business, so i’ts worth following these tips to discover how to take your video calls to the next level and ensure they are always successful.

Send them reminder emails before the call

It’s best practice to send them reminder emails an hour or so before the call to make sure they don’t forget and have time to prepare if they do.


Tidy your area

Your area should be clean and distraction free. Make sure there’s nothing in the background that could be too distracting. If you are video calling in a public space, make sure you have your own space within that area, otherwise consider moving somewhere less busy.


Play around with your lighting

Make sure that there is a good amount of lighting in your area. Check that your light isn’t casting unflattering shadows or that you aren’t partially in the dark. Putting lighting that directly faces you behind your camera (and is unobstructed) usually eliminates any shadows.


Test your audio

Test your audio before the call begins. Check your microphone is working correctly. Check for outside noise that may be coming into the room. Make sure there’s no echo in the space you will be conducting the call. If you are in a public space, make sure the background noise isn’t too overpowering or it could make for an incredibly unpleasant video call.


Have a good internet connection

In most cases the quality of your internet connection is out of your hands. But for video chat it can be extremely important because it heavily affects the overall quality and clarity of the conversation and the visuals. If you know you get better reception in certain areas – move there. If you are in public try to avoid shared connections. It’s best to conduct video calls on a private high-speed connection. The higher the quality the better the video call and very little bit helps.


Choose your wardrobe carefully

Firstly, even though you may be conducting the call from home, you shouldn’t be dressed as though you are. Dress as if you’re meeting with someone in person. Secondly, it is not common for you to see a television presenter wearing striped or patterned clothing and there’s a good reason for it. If your recipient’s quality isn’t great, patterns tend to get distorted and end up looking very distracting through video calls. Instead, go for a bold colour or something that contrasts your skin tone, this makes for overall  better visibility.


Avoid obscure angles

When you have your camera angled up at your face, your face appears much wider than it is and tends to highlight some pretty unflattering features. On the other hand if you’ve got the camera placed too high and angled down, your viewers will predominantly see the top of your head and it will be difficult to see your eyes. Other than straight on, some suggest that  the most flattering angle to have your camera at is at forehead height and slightly tilted down, this way you can see your whole face clearly.


Always talk to the camera

Even though it may seem natural to talk to the image of the person on your screen during your video call,  it is considered rude to not make eye contact when addressing someone. It’s also unflattering and makes it difficult to see your eyes.


Try not to fiddle too much

Be expressive in your body language to emphasise your points and engage your but try not to make your gestures too distracting. Appropriate gestures are simple hand movements, avoid fiddly things such as tapping your feet and twirling your hair, or repeating the same gesture over and over again.


Don’t get distracted

Give your recipient caller your full attention. This means no email checking, no perusing the internet or anything of the kind. Even if you have other things you need to be doing, leave it till you’re finished with the call, otherwise you could make the other person feel extremely uncomfortable.



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