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12 Art Teacher Influencers You Need to Follow

Every Art Teacher knows that a little inspiration can go a long way! These 12 Instagram accounts are great sources of inspiration and motivation for any online art classroom. From resources, at-home projects, or weekly Instagram Live Chats, these accounts are some of the best and unique influencers on the social platform right now.

12 Art Teacher Influencers You Need to Follow Today

Melinda Moen: @artofteaching


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Melinda is a high school art teacher who shares her work not only with her students but with the world. From notebook doodles to abstract pieces, her work is constructed with passion, excitement, and love. Aside from personal artwork, she also creates art based on social justice and gives her students deep messages in her work. She currently has 14.6k followers on Instagram.

Jordan DeWilde: @mrdewildeart


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Jordan DeWilde is an elementary school art teacher in Oregon. Along with writing descriptive and helpful art advice, he actually has his own drawing book! DeWilde teaches his students everything from drawing and painting to sculpting and printmaking. He currently has 12.3k followers on Instagram.

Kate Driscoll: @art_teacher_life

Kate Driscoll is an art teacher based in Victoria Australia who has built quite a following showing the work of her amazing students. With work in about every medium,  Kate’s work will surely inspire new projects and ideas for your students. She even offers virtual classes with great ideas on projects that will be able to teach your students.

Abby Schukei: @ralstonmsart

From two-dimensional pieces to watercolors, this middle school art teacher definitely stands out. Her two-dimensional pieces look professionally made and although shared by her, they are made by her talented 7th and 8th grade students! She currently has 3,516 followers on Instagram.

Nic Hahn: @minimatisseart


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This Minnesota-based art teacher not only posts her students’ work but provides easy tutorials for her audience. She also shares her inspiration for her work, resources, and home projects kids can do in their spare time. She currently has 15k followers on Instagram.

Cassie Stephens: @cassie_stephenz


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Cassie Stephens is not only an art teacher for her elementary schoolers, she also has her own podcast, YouTube channel, blog, and even her own Amazon shop. Her artwork surrounds chalk work, painting, drawing, and lots of crafting. On her other platforms, she teaches art classes and gives great resources to anyone wanting to learn or teach art. She currently has 238k followers on Instagram.

Michelle & Hadar: @targetteachers


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One store no one can deny they love- Target! This account is run by two teachers who create, make, and decorate their classrooms/art projects with all Target products. From holiday ideas to everyday projects, this account is for the ideal teacher on a budget. They currently have 428k followers on Instagram.

Jenny K: @artwithjennyk


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Not only is Jenny a talented art teacher, she also gives great at-home art advice for parents who do art projects with their children. Some are holiday-related, and some are for everyday fun! This account is helpful for both artistic and inartistic parents. She currently has 13.3k followers on Instagram.

Sarah Krajewski: @artroomglitterfairy

This bubbly elementary art school teacher is all about self-love, colorfulness, and positivity in and outside the classroom. She is known to her students as the “Glitter Fairy ”- as she is the only person who can touch glitter in the classroom (good tip on keeping a clean workspace!) Sarah Krajewski’s page is full of her students’ work, her weekly live chats, and her amazing classroom. She currently has 30.2k followers on Instagram.

 Andrew Kiczek: @elementaryarts


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Founder of Elementary Art Resources Andrew Kiczek created his teaching around all students. His goal is to create a curriculum that can be accessed by anyone at any age. His Instagram page is very colorful and appealing to the eye. Every post has at least one color of the rainbow in it (if not one, then the whole rainbow), and his page promotes good vibes, empathy, and treating people with kindness. He currently has 31.5k followers on Instagram.

Danya Ensminger: @brightdaydesigns


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This New Jersey native, similar to Kiczek, bases her profile on the colors of the rainbow. She posts herself teaching online classes, her artwork, and her students’ work. Ceramics, painting, and drawings are a few of the staples that her students and followers learn from her. She currently has 10.7k followers on Instagram.

Robin Mead:

Robin Mead’s page is full of colorful art and home decors, such as bed covers, vases, wall art, and crochet baskets. Her colorful atmosphere will make you want to become an expert artist, and you’ll want your home to look like hers. She also sells some of her work, if you really want your house to feel like her Instagram page! She currently has 26.2k followers on Instagram.

These 12 amazing Instagram art teachers have so much inspiration to offer any instructor who is looking to expand their services online.  With great tips on project ideas and fantastic teaching recommendations, these influencers have heaps to share with the world!

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