13 Best Blogs to Follow About Making Videos

As a budding video creator, you want to know as much as you can – how to make online videos that resonate with your audience as effectively as possible. Fortunately, there are a number of high quality blogs out there that do an exceptional job of showing how their creators make videos, whether on a budget, for a profit, or just for fun.

When learning how to make online video, you need all the resources you can get.Click To TweetHere are 13 of the most interesting and educational blogs out there that you should be following:

  1. VideoMaker

For more in-depth coverage of the technology and tools you can and should be using to record and edit your videos, VideoMaker is the place to turn. The site is home to numerous video courses, reviews, reports, a robust forum, and regular articles as part of an ongoing blog about video production – well worth following for all content creators.

  1. The TechSmith Blog

Techsmith produces a range of video capture and screen capture software so they have a strong background in video. Their blog is home to a number of customer stories and product walkthroughs, but there are also a fair number of articles about content creation, presentation development, and teaching through video. The site is also home to numerous how tos and tips.

  1. The KissMetrics Blog

While Kissmetrics is focused primarily on marketing and analytics, there are a lot of very powerful tips on their blog about how to use video in a number of situations. From advertisements you might run on YouTube to drive traffic back to your site to integrating video into your email and teaching with video, there is good content here on a regular basis.

  1. Animoto

Designed for beginners, Animoto’s blog is full of tips on camera selection, apps for optimizing your videos, examples of awesome video layouts and style, and much more. They also update relatively frequently so there is something interesting to read here every week.

  1. Wipster

The Wipster blog is full of powerful video making tips with advice on After Effects training, examples of new trends in video production, story and script writing advice, and much more. Because of the nature of their product, they keep the blog updated often and are often talking about what’s new and interesting in the video industry.

  1. HubSpot

Hubspot’s blog is one of the most active on the Internet for all topics content related. With more than 100 new posts a month, it’s no surprise that a fair number of them discuss video. In their video topic library you’ll find content about apps for editing, animation development, statistics on video use in recent months or years, and how video is used in marketing (though this is often only a fraction of the articles – most them focus on the content aspect).

  1. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is one of the preeminent resources online for all things social media and content creation. As a result, its authors write a lot of very interesting content related to video creation and marketing. While there is a fair amount here regarding things like viral videos and video promotion, there is also some very interesting coverage of how video can be used as part of your content strategy and online training. Michael Stelzner, the owner of the site, also runs a very interesting podcast every week.

  1. Reel SEO

Reel SEO focuses on video marketing so it offers a number of tips about how to promote video, optimize it to maximize click throughs, and more. But there are also frequent posts about video production and engagement – from how to inject new and exciting animations into your clips to what does and doesn’t work on sites like Facebook if you’re trying to drive traffic back to your video library.

  1. Izzy Video

Izzy Video offers a range of tutorials, primarily focusing on the types of courses they sell for Final Cut and other video software tools, but they also go into detail on a number of production tips, from lighting and sound quality, to the composition and scripting of your videos.

  1. Reel Marketer

Reel Marketer is about bringing together video production and business. Accepting articles from a number of contributors, the site focuses on choosing the right gear for your videos, composing effective video content for your library or marketing efforts, and interviewing top people in the industry who have insights into how to use the technology effectively as a business owner.

  1. TutPlus

Envato’s Tuts+ platform is one of the best on the Internet for providing in-depth walkthroughs of technical topics. The same is true for their photo & video section. While you’ll find a fair amount of photography-focused articles in here, there are also plenty of powerful shooting and editing tips that will guide you in selecting the right accessories and settings when shooting your video to editing that video to be as professional and direct as possible when presenting your ideas. There are also more in-depth learning guides for things like recording audio after production for your video or using an iPhone for video capture.

  1. Buffer Blog

The Buffer Blog is one of the largest and most successful marketing blogs online, not because of the sheer volume of content, but because each article is so detailed and links to a fair number of related articles that will help you dive deeper into a topic. Their video contents go well beyond pure marketing, discussing how to get started quickly, use Facebook, buy low cost gear and software, and boost engagement in your content.

  1. Retooled

Retooled discusses everything post-production, including walkthroughs of features in Adobe Creative Cloud, different tools you might integrate as you produce video and some of the common concerns and issues you run into as you develop content for your video library.

If there are any additional blogs on making videos that you read regularly that you feel would be a good addition to this list, make sure to let us all know in the comments below.


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