15 Best Blogs to Follow for Online Presentation Tips and Strategies

If you’re holding webinars or online presentations in any form, there can be a lot to work on. From the layout of your webinars to the presentation skills needed to deliver the content; you’ll likely be practicing constantly, which is why the following blogs can be just what you need to take your content to the next level.

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These 13 blogs offer extensive online presentation skill tips and strategies to help you get a better handle on your presentations and produce a higher quality product.


Duarte offers services including strategic consulting and creative services for planning and writing amazing presentations. Their goal, and how they help their own clients, is to build strong communicators in business. The blog reflects that but also has a bit of fun with puppet-based videos, Star Wars jokes, and more. This is a great resource for anyone trying to improve their presentation skills.

SlideShare Blog

Presentations have come a long way in recent years, and a lot of that is because of SlideShare and their focus on the use of the simple presentation as a form of communication that goes beyond profit and loss reports. Their blog is full of useful content and new techniques for online presentations.

Prezi Blog

The other big presentation company online is Prezi. These guys brought an entirely new way of building presentations to the market and their blog reflects that with creative new ideas, case studies, and presentation resources for anyone using these as a training tool.

Presentation Zen

Edward Tufte and Garr Reynolds have turned Presentation Zen into an important, trusted voice in the world of presentation skills. From detailed, practice examples used across a spectrum of different types of presentations to resources to help you get better, this is a must read blog.

Design School by Canva

Canva is a new software tool created by Guy Kawasaki, known in many circles as the godfather of design. The blog is of course about presentations, but has a heavy focus on the design aspect of a presentation. The blog features articles written by dedicated professionals that have a real eye for the industry. Learn about not just presentations, but also branding and design to get a really holistic view of all that goes into perfecting a presentation.


Started by Zach Holman from Github, this site is focused on those who work in technology or need to convey technical topics to their audiences. It’s an interesting departure from mainstream presentations with a lot of great ideas that anyone can use in their webinars.

What the Speak?!

What the Speak?! is a podcast run by Bryan Kelly. It offers a range of presentation topics and speaking tips, focused heavily on interviews with top speakers and authors in the space. To access a large range of ideas from different people, this is a great one, especially if you listen to podcasts.


With a specific focus on presentations with PowerPoint, Indezine offers tips for building your presentations, tutorials for creating unique layouts, templates for a number of different styles, and tips for use of different software on hardware like the iPad or an Android device.

Ellen Finkestein

Ellen’s blog has been around for some time and she has long been regarded as one of the top voices on this topic, discussing things like presentation approach, software tips, and offering a range of resources to help you create and deliver the best possible presentations for your audience.

Ethos 3

Ethos 3 offers a large range of content, from long form articles to their “tips in 140 characters” line of content that helps to improve general presentation skills. Their business focuses on design and presentation training and so they have the specific expertise needed to improve your efforts across the board.

The Virtual Presenter

This blog run by Roger Courville offers tips on running webinars, webcasts and online training through digital presentations. Recent blogs talk about the science of adult learning, how lead generation plays into the use of webinars, and how technology can be a major part of your marketing efforts and training efforts. It’s a good one.

Six Minutes

Six Minutes is a good sized content site that offers tips on public speaking and presenting alongside analysis of famous speeches, tips for positive thinking and positive habits that help in the presentation space, and public speaking in general – taking those presentation skills into the real world.


Slide Magic talks about the design behind presentations and how to develop better ideas that allow you to match the design of what you are presenting to the ideas that you are building your presentation around. This is a must for anyone looking to jazz up their boring decks.

Bright Carbon

Bright Carbon is all about B2B marketing and the use of presentations and slide decks as both a sales and marketing tool. While not necessarily related to the types of presentations you’ll be making with Yondo, it does offer in-depth tips on how to improve PPPT animations, boost your design skills, and reduce distractions in your decks.

Presentation Panda

Presentation Panda offer a full range of services that can cater for the needs of anyone looking to better their presentations. Whether it be presentation tips, tools, software, design or even presentation ideas – they can help. They also offer tips on public speaking, making the most out of your PowerPoint presentation and customizable presentation design services. The blog is humorous, comprehensive and packed with interesting content that will be sure to assist you greatly with your presentations.


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