15 Online Marketing Tips for Beginners

There isn’t any one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to marketing your business online. No blanket approach you can take to ensure that your company or brand will really thrive; no five-step guidelines. This is because every company or brand is really looking for different things, and will have to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. While there might not be any set process to ensure success, there are, however, certain things that you can do that will really help you along the way.


Have a social media strategy. Many people make the mistake of getting involved on multiple platforms of social media and either forgetting to post content, or posting irrelevant, un-targeted content that is not developing your brand or engaging new clients – which after all is the endgame of online marketing. To avoid this, think about what you really want from your social media presence, then begin tailoring your social media posts to things that might help achieve this. Keep track of your fails and successes with your posts and constantly readjust your content to optimize your chances of success.

Content is always key. You want your content to do two things; to be be seen by as many people as possible, and to develop customer trust in your company and your brand. Developing quality content that services the reputation of your company can be done simply by creating content of your own that demonstrates your professionalism and expertise. If you don’t have time to write all of your own content, source curated content to post that is relevant to your company. This way you will have a trove of content that you are free to share across all of your social media accounts.

Video is undeniably the way of the future, especially in regard to content marketing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video would be worth a million. It satisfies the entertainment and information needs of an audience and provides a great opportunity for businesses to really tailor their brand not just through text, but also sound and vision. By using videos on your social media sites to market your brand, the opportunities are really limitless. You are able to connect with wider audiences on an engaging and effective platform.

Understanding SEO  is one of the most vital modern-day tools that you can use to get attention online without having to pay for it. It includes things like optimizing URL’s, page titles, hyperlinks, text and keywords, to ensure that your online content can be easily found via search engine.

Social media should not be used simply as a platform for you to post things about your company. Use it as a platform to engage with other companies, influencers and customers by connecting with them through retweeting, commenting on posts, tagging people and sharing your thoughts. The more you connect with these influential people, the more people you connect with and the more likely they are to recognise you and reach out.

Always keep one eye on your competition. Make sure you are following your competitors on social media so you can keep track of what they are doing. Work out their marketing strategies and see if you can steer clear of their errors or replicate their strengths.

Ensure your websites and social media accounts are optimized to suit mobile platforms. This one is fairly straightforward but necessary in our mobile age. Today, most people view their online content through a mobile device. If your content is difficult to view, many people will not bother, which puts your business at a huge disadvantage.

Forecast your threats and opportunities. By observing the market and constantly being aware of how things within your industry are changing, it puts you at a huge advantage. Analysing current trends and predicting how things may change means that you are one step ahead of the competition and allows for better planning and better judgement which means better marketing for your company.

Adjust your company/ product to fit your customer’s needs. Ultimately, there is no point putting everything into your marketing plan if your service doesn’t truly cater to your customers. It is often the case that a business will market the product the way they envisage it selling, rather than focussing on the things a customer could really benefit from.


By taking these basic tips into consideration when marketing your company/ brand, you can really optimize your potential for success.







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