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21 Nutrition Experts to Follow on Social Media in 2021

Healthy eating. These two words can often scare aspiring nutrition connoisseurs away due to its lack of convenience, pricey cost, and a multitude of other reasons. But have no fear! We’ve narrowed down the top 21 nutrition experts in 2021. 

Not only do these 21 nutrition experts make eating healthy simple through the recipes, motivational messaging, and dietary ideas they post, but most importantly, they have the background and credits to back up their recommendations. Lettuce dive into why you should start following each of these nutrition experts on social media today!

Top Nutrition Experts

Jessica Ash – @jessicaashwellness

Why? Because Jessica Ash is a force to be reckoned with in the nutrition industry. Not only does her aesthetic Instagram feed make her account a warm and welcoming place, but she also provides short snippets of advice multiple times per week. From “How Do I Know I’m Eating Enough” to “Our Period is a Monthly Detox” Ash’s recommendations help women to rebalance their hormones and feel on top of the world again. Check out her website for more details on her background and experience. 

Elizabeth Moye – @hellospoonful

Why? Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Elizabeth Moye is one of the most well-known nutrition experts who can help you manage your diet in a healthier way. With over 42k followers on Instagram, she is a popular source for the latest dietary information and trends. Moye also excels at food photography, and her healthy recipes will make you want to drop everything, run to the kitchen, and cook whatever she is making! Check out her website for more affordable and easy-to-make recipes!

Cara Clark – @caraclarknutrition

Why? Wellness expert, author, speaker . . . Cara Clark can do it all! With 144k followers on Instagram, Clark has asserted herself as one of the foremost nutrition experts. Not only does she focus on healthy eating, but she also dives deep into makeup, lifestyle, and other aspects of full-body health. She also offers seasonal group challenges, providing her followers with a tight-knit community that can support them throughout their nutrition journey. Join her latest challenge today!

Dani Ferguson @detoxingwithdani

Why? Forget detox juices, Dani has a new way to achieve that radiant skin look! With the motto “Gut Health. Glowing Skin. Gorgeous You.” Dani gives straightforward advice to help men and women of all ages get rid of hormonal acne once and for all. She also offers 1:1 consultations where she provides personalized advice for your healthcare needs. Best of all, Dani’s acne solutions are all natural, and they all start from healthy eating!

Ryan Carter – @livevitae

Why? You become what you feed your mind! Nutrition Expert, Ryan Carter, knows how to purposefully choose foods to serve as brain fuel for your busy lifestyle. With 454k followers on Instagram, Carter helps men feel their best with simple techniques and adjustments to their diets. He also dives into how chemicals play a role in our digestive system and talks about how to strengthen your metabolism. Check out his website and get started working with him on your healthcare goals!

Izeah Bowman – @dietaryresolutions

Why? Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Dr. Sebi, Izeah Bowman is determined to use nature as a means of healing. By starting his very own juice line along with other natural solutions, Bowman has shown his commitment to educating others on whole-body health. Shop his products here!

Jamie Nadeau – @the.balanced.nutritionist

Why? Don’t like dieting? Jamie agrees! As a registered nutritionist, Jamie helps her followers move away from diet culture and focus on a healthier way of losing weight. With over 23k Instagram followers, it is clear that her approach is a popular one. Check out her Instagram page to see what all the hype is about!

Amanda Sauceda – @guthealth.nutritionist

Why? Amanda Sauceda’s gut advice is the key to unlocking lasting change. With her weekly Instagram posts, Sauceda is committed to providing her followers with aesthetic and accurate information that has the ability to completely reshape the way they view diets and healthy eating. Notably, Sauceda doesn’t just limit herself to fruits and vegetables, but encourages her audience to reward themselves with a gut-healthy donut every once in a while! Check out her website to learn more about her!

Christine Hronec – @gaugegirltraining

Why? Christine Hronec isn’t just a registered dietitian – she’s also a food scientist! With her remarkable experience as a scientist, Hronec knows firsthand how to manage a diet the proper way. By incorporating before and after pictures on her Instagram feed, she is able to inspire her followers to lose weight in a healthy manner. She also encourages body positivity and self-love as a means to total body health. Sign up for her personalized membership program here!

Maria Marlowe – @mariamarlowe

Why? Maria Marlowe is certified on Instagram and for a good reason! With her motto “Glowing skin starts within,” Marlowe is a full supporter of curing acne with food. Her delicious-looking food pictures and inspirational Instagram stories are sure to make any person want to incorporate healthier practices into their day-to-day life. She also runs her very own podcast; check it out here!

Tina Haupert – @carrotsncake

Why? Macro-nutrition galore! Tina Haupert is the queen of managing hormonal health. She even has her very own cookbook which will undoubtedly inspire you to get the oven baking once more. Her frequent Instagram posts will also keep you motivated to continue pursuing your health goals, even when you feel like giving up. Give Haupert’s account a try! 

Illa Garcia – @millenialnutritionist

Why? With over 87k followers and 1.7 million likes on her page, The Millennial Nutritionist is a great health influencer destination, especially for Millenials. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Illa Garcia posts free weekly recipes for you to use in your very own homes as well as shows you how to eat healthy without giving up your favorite foods. Click here to join her 1:1 or small group nutrition coaching program!

Laney Morse – @allthingsnutrition

Why? Laney Morse posts daily videos that can help you get your health on the right track. From short videos such as “6 affordable high protein foods” and “Health is not a number,” Morse encourages her followers to look at health holistically as opposed to a set goal. She is also well known for her delicious recipes like her Chocolate Banana Bread Baked Oats that are sure to be a hit for the entire family. Be sure to check out Morse’s Instagram as well!

Nick Page – @nickpage_ttp


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Why? Another great account to follow is a gym owner, backup dancer, and certified nutritionist, Nick Page. He is well versed in the art of health and fitness. Page targets his page towards those who desire to make changes to their diet in order to lose weight, making it a great stop for those seeking proper nutrition advice. In less than 60 seconds per video, he teaches his viewers important tips on a calorie deficit, low-calorie foods, and other nutritional guidance. Be sure to check out Page’s Instagram if you want to learn more about him!

Andy Jay- @andyjayhealth

Why? Eat more for fat loss? Andy Jay says yes! In his TikTok videos, Jay discusses how consuming more protein-filled and low-calorie foods can help you lose weight. He also dives into important topics such as diabetes and reveals what really causes health-related diseases.

Michelle Jaelin – @michellejaelinrd

Why?  Michelle Jaelin is a unique nutritionist as she is able to combine healthy eating with social justice. While she provides sound advice for men and women of all different cultures and backgrounds. She has also vocalized her support for marginalized groups and asserted her support for movements such as #StopAsianHate. Learn about how she is using her skills as a one of the most knowledgeable nutrition experts to combat racism and sexism here

Andres Ayesta – @andresthenutritionist

Why? Just starting your weight loss journey? Andres Ayesta is a perfect source for weight loss information. If you are a beginner, Ayesta will walk you through how to set up a tangible nutrition plan and debunk myths regarding diets and cleanses. Great information combined with Ayesta’s palpable energy makes this account an absolute must-follow! Want to learn more about him? Check out his website!

The Nutrition Twins – @nutritiontwins


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Why? Confidence up, cravings down. The Nutrition Twins know exactly what it takes to lose weight while carrying out a busy lifestyle. Appealing specifically to women, these twins share tips and tricks on how to manage your diet while on the go. Work with them 1:1 today!

Shahzeen Siddiqui – @the.pcos.nutritionist

Why? PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a hormonal disorder common in many women across the world. Shahzeen Siddiqui is working to reduce the stigma and combat PCOS, all through food! As a nutritionist, Siddiqui helps you get to the root cause of PCOS and help you reverse the disease naturally. Even if you don’t have PCOS yourself, following this account can be a great way to show support for the PCOS community and those you love who suffer from this disease. Join the PCOS Revolution today!

Afya Ibomu – @afyaibomu

Why? Because as a vegan for 25 years, Afya Ibomu is adroit at knowing the key differences between common diets. She is also a plant-based lover and enjoys gardening, cooking, and many other activities that help to stimulate health. Get to know more about her by giving her account a follow!

Jono Steedman – @jonosteedman

Why? Last, but certainly not least we have Jono Steedman. With over 19k followers on Instagram, his own podcast, and unbiased advice, Steedman can be the perfect fitness and diet pal on your healthcare journey. Plus, he’s a huge fan of bread! Learn more about him here. 

Although healthy eating is not always easy nor simple, we hope these nutrition experts can give you a boost and help you navigate the ins and outs of nutrition.  So finish out 2021 with a bang and start getting on top of your dietary health!

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