3 Mistakes to Avoid in the Early Stages of Your Startup

Creating a brand new startup can be exciting and challenging, especially for the budding entrepreneur. However, this startup phase is also one of the most critical stages of your business.

What you do in the beginning can have impacts on the long-term future growth and success of your company.Click To Tweet As such, it is vital that you avoid making costly mistakes. Some of the most common mistakes made by startup founders might include:

Failing to Vet Your Clients

In the beginning, it may seem tempting to engage with as many clients as possible and cater to the lowest bidder to establish yourself in your market, or even to develop a foundational client base. However, you will be much better off making sure you take the time to find out whether a client is a good fit for your business. Taking this crucial step ensures that you will deal with good, trustworthy clients who are a reliable source of revenue. Working with honest and reliable clients means you can spend less time chasing them for unpaid invoices and more time working on the projects.


Failing to Think Long Term

In the early stages of your business, you may be tempted to think that you need short-term results to keep your company afloat and operating. While keeping the lights on is undoubtedly an essential part of the business, you should avoid neglecting the long-term considerations of your business. Always keep an eye on what you ultimately seek to achieve with your venture. Where possible, try to stick to a long-term goal setting and make sure that your short-term actions help move your company towards these goals.


Failing to Network and Market Effectively

Focusing solely on word-of-mouth marketing is no longer a viable strategy to grow your startup. The marketing industry has been completely turned on its head by the advent of social media and digital networking, and your startup should seek to capitalize on these networking opportunities as soon as possible. Regularly communicating with your customers and those within the industry is an excellent way to gain legitimacy and authenticity in the market. Of course, working with other industry professionals is also a helpful way to build a sense of community and belonging.


Creating a new business from scratch is not going to be easy. If it were, everybody would be doing it. However, if you stick to your goals and avoid the mistakes outlined in this article, you could soon see your business begin to take off.



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