4 Key Organizational Tools for Your Business

No matter how large your online business may be, it’s always difficult to run a business if you’re not equipping yourself with the right organizational tools. Below are a few tools that will help you out immensely in your effort to create a cohesive and organized workflow within your business.


Task Management – Asana

How many times have you stepped into a meeting only to have forgotten what the first few tasks you were assigned were, or forgotten the name of a client you were supposed to contact, or missed an instruction that made everything fall apart? Not all of us are superstar note-takers which can make face-to-face meetings difficult. This can be exacerbated for employees working remotely that don’t have a door they can knock on for a friendly reminder. Online task management systems relieve these stresses by giving you a list of your tasks, written by the person in charge to ensure that you have everything you need to complete your work properly. Asana is a task management tool that lets you communicate expertly through collaboration tools and lists and and be used for a number of things. You can write down tasks, subtasks and deadlines for yourself, assign others tasks, make notes on each tasks, add followers to monitor progress and engage in conversations.


Communication – Slack

When you’re running a business, being overloaded with hundreds of emails a day is almost expected. It’s crucial to maintain an effective line of communication between your staff, your customers and your associates, but it is a time consuming and frustratingly large task to deal with everyday. Slack seeks to alleviate this struggle by bringing instant messaging into the professional workplace. Slack promises less emails and a more productive work life for you and your employees. Some of Slack’s great features include: Direct messaging, to reach a colleague immediately and privately. Private Channels which seeks to protect sensitive information by making the conversation accessible by invitation only. You can share files images, PDF’s and documents with anyone on your team as well as add comments and referencing. One of the more popular features is that it’s all searchable – every message, notification and file is all automatically indexed and archived.

Social Media Management – Hootsuite

If you want your business to be successful online, it’s necessary to have a constant social media presence in order to effectively engage with your customers and prospects. Although, sometimes in can be difficult to stay connected across all platforms because it can be extremely time consuming and difficult to manage. Maintaining this presence can often come down to the systems you are using to manage this task.

Hootsuite is one of the more popular programs available for social media management. It allows you to schedule posts in advance allowing you to give you the appearance of having an active presence, and plan ahead. Also, you can monitor and engage in conversations about your business – giving you the opportunity to interject and solve any negative sentiments about your business online. All-in-all Hootsuite is an all-encompassing organizational tool that will help you organize your social media activity far more effectively.


File Sharing & Storage – Google Drive / Google Docs

Having an secure and organized file storage system in place is extremely important when running a business. So too is having a file sharing system. We spend so much time collaborating ideas with our employees nowadays that it’s important to have a system in place that lets us store and share our ideas properly – Google docs and Google drive are the modern day solution to lost or faulty USB’s and inconvenient file sharing systems. They are a web based office software that are built to work simultaneously. With Google docs, you can have an entire team of people working on the one document at any time allowing for maximum collaboration. Google drive allows you to store up to 15GB of content so files sizes are no issue. All of this with the added benefit of security which is paramount for most businesses. The system requires two steps to identify users and gives you options as to who can edit, comment on or view each file. As well as this, you are given a report for recent logins to let you know who has accessed your drive.



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