4 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Videos

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Online Videos

When it comes to creating online videos, you must deliver the best visual and audio quality at all times. Videos are now the number one requested form of content on the internet, so you need to ensure you get it right.

1. Failing to Market Your Videos

The days of “build it and they will come” is over. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply create a great online video. You must get people to watch it for it to be a great success.

Here are a few marketing tips to get you started.

Get your brand across social media

Instagram – Great for visual brands such as clothing, makeup, fitness, real estate, etc. Instagram is typically suited for an audience in the under 30 age group.

Facebook – Perfect for the over 30-year-old audience.

LinkedIn and Twitter: Best for Business to Business services and products.

You should never stop with just one promotion or advertising campaign. Your video will need to be promoted until you have another video to take its place. This will give your video the push into the evergreen affect.  A video that is evergreen is considered more likely to attract both first-time and repeat visitors.

Incentivize sharing

Having an amazing video that people will want to share is a great start; however, increasing the likelihood of your audience sharing your video is as simple as offering a free incentive to those who do share your video.

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2. Cramming Too Much Information In A Single Video

One of the biggest mistakes when creating online videos is cramming too much information into a single video. Whatever the subject is for your video, never forget that less is always more. Educate your audiences through the power of a great story, and keep it simple. Keep your story to one controlling idea or theme that your entire video is based around. Every part of your video should connect to this idea.

Many videos often convey a lot of unnecessary messaging and inevitably lose sight of their core theme. This type of approach never works well, too much information and a lack of focus will only leave audiences feeling disinterested and confused. Concentrate on getting your one main point across in a powerful way that will resonate with your audience, as opposed to ten points that they won’t have time to absorb.

Several short, bite-sized videos are better than one long one. Viewers have no patience, Provide your message in the first 30-60 seconds of your video, then use the rest of the video to back it up with a compelling story.

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3. Balance

Create a balance between producing a great video and trying to create videos on a consistent basis. Most people try to be perfect and lose focus on being consistent. With today’s equipment, it is easier than ever before to create great looking and sounding videos. Content is king, and you should be putting out a lot of video content without worrying about perfection. If you deliver engaging videos, your audience will forgive you for imperfect composition or lighting.


4. Information Overload

One common mistake is trying to say everything in one video, overloading the video with too many talking points and call-to-actions.

This creates videos that deliver an unfocused story and most often too long to watch. It’s better to focus on each point you want to get across and develop an overall concept. Create shorter videos focused on specific topics and ideas.

To save on costs, create common assets that you can repurpose across your video intro, outro and graphics. All of which can be used on your website, social media sharing, for PR pitching, and for ads – all with different call-to-actions.


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