4 Pro Tips for Video Advertising


Video advertising has quickly become one of the most crucial elements to any online businesses marketing strategy. Why? Because the sheer power of and demand for online videos has been immense in the last few years. We see businesses making the shift towards video advertising for their potential to capture leads, drive traffic and boost sales. Learn how to create effective video advertisements for your business by following the tips below.


Make your branding visible


How many times have you watched a video advertisement and not recognized which company it was actually for? You see this kind of advertising all the time with big name brands because oftentimes they don’t have to explicitly name themselves, instead, they choose to develop their image. While that might be a tactful ploy for large companies to use, it won’t work for your everyday small business. While you don’t want to kill your video with too much branding, don’t be shy to use it either. Prominent logos help increase that all-important recognition and familiarity. In fact it’s been found that A large logo may increase familiarity with a brand by 24% and  increase the chances that people will recommend a brand by 33%.


Include a CTA


Call-to-Actions are so vital these days for driving sales and increasing conversion rates. Not including them is a huge waste of time for your business as all of those viewers can so easily slip away without something there, encouraging them to stay. Whether you use it to link to the next episode in your series, supplementary content or giveaways such as eBooks – you need to be displaying them in your videos to give your business every chance you can to succeed. Decide what you want from these call-to-actions and choose a design that works to help you accomplish that.


Different ad tones serve different goals


Video marketing of course has a lot to do with tone. While ‘entertaining’ is a good all rounder tone, what’s going to make your video advertising directly appealing to  your target audience is the tone you’re using. Deciding on tone really has a lot to do with your individual products and services and what your branding is all about. If you’re a fitness business – you would want your advertisements to be energetic and engaging – if you were a private consulting firm perhaps you’d want something more reserved and professional. Alternately you could go for drama or humor. It’s these kind of executive decisions that are going to help you stand out from the crowd and every tone says something different so you really need to have a focus.


Repurpose video content to re-target audiences


One of the most rewarding things about creating video content is that from this one clip, you can repurpose it for hundreds of different things, that will further your branding. For example you could create one longer length video and turn it into a 1 minute clip for television, a 15 second clip for social media, a radio advertisement, a still image etc. In doing so, you reach far more audiences who are interested in viewing different things. Nowadays businesses have to be wary of the decreasingly short attention spans of consumers – especially online and so creating something that can easily be broken down into smaller portions is key for online marketing success.




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