5 Easy Ways to Market Your Ecommerce Business for Free

Are you getting frustrated with lackluster ecommerce sales? Have you improved your product descriptions, yet still find tire-kickers aren’t converting to paying customers? It might be time to ramp up your ecommerce marketing strategy. No, you don’t have to hire an expensive marketing agency or drop some serious cash on a growth guru. You can market your business for free with just a little effort and tenacity. If you’re ready to go all-in on growing your online business, here are five phenomenal ways you can market your ecommerce store for zero dollars.

Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is a great way to attract eyeballs to your Yondo store. Use a tool like BoardReader.com to find conversations relevant to your online business. Sort results according to date and offer information forum users will find helpful. Forum marketing doesn’t cost you anything but your time and can send visitors your way for years to come.


Email Newsletters

Grow your business’ reputation by offering a weekly newsletter regarding recent happenings within your target market. There are plenty of online tools like GetRevue.co that make it easy to create a curated newsletter. Share information about your newsletter on social media sites, and you’ll attract plenty of potential new buyers to your ecommerce store while building your email subscription list at the same time.


Attend Local Meetings

Immersing yourself in your local community is an excellent way to grow your online business. Search a site like Meetup.com for free events in your area to attend. Wear a jacket with your business’ URL on the back and make an ongoing effort to get to know new people. You’ll attract potential new customers to your ecommerce shop simply by being friendly.


Create Informative Blog Posts

Blog posts are an awesome way to build your online business. Use GoogleTrends.com to find current trends in your industry and create blog posts around favorite topics. Add keyword phrases shoppers might be using online or via voice search to ensure your blog posts are found. You can also consider guest posting on industry-related blogs. Simply search for “guest post guidelines” and your target market to find plenty of sites that accept guest posts.


Supercharged Social Media

Don’t just rely on one social media platform to attract new ecommerce customers. Pair social platforms together for maximum impact. Post your Instagram images to Pinterest and vice versa. Attach Twitter images to your Facebook wall and share Facebook images with your Twitter followers. The more effort you make to wring every last ounce of marketing juice out of your social media posts, the higher your social ROI will be.

Marketing your ecommerce business doesn’t have to empty your wallet. You can be creative with your approach to customer acquisition and still have plenty of cash left over for ecommerce expenses like inventory management or drop shipping fees. Will you be trying any of these free ecommerce marketing tips this year?


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