5 Must Have Tools to Create Professional Videos

Today, video content has become amazingly popular. Not just because of YouTube, user-friendly smartphones and the sharing frenzy; but also because of entrepreneurs and businesses. They are benefiting from the newest video technology to find new customers, engage with their audience, sell more and eventually make profit and grow.

The life of an entrepreneur or a small business is never easy; much less low-cost. There are numerous expenses that need to be covered and sometimes, the idea of creating video content is set aside, simply because there’s no appropriate space, lighting, audio setup, equipment and so on. But video can bring amazing new opportunities to a business.

Yes, an initial investment is needed in order to create professional business video, but you won’t have pay a fortune either. In this post, we will guide you through five efficient tools that are well worth investing in and will allow you to make your videos look professional.

  1. An appropriate camera

A good quality camera is crucial when you want to create professional videos. If you cannot afford an expensive one at the beginning, look for an entry-level DSLR or camcorder, which you can even buy second-hand. Before you buy your camera, keep in mind that the type of activity you are recording will determine the kind of camera you will need. For example, if your videos involve zooming in on details (as arts & crafts videos do), then you will need a camera that can deliver high quality video, even when set to maximum zoom. Preferably, your camera should have the option to connect to an external microphone, for better audio quality.

  1. A tripod

A tripod is simply something quite cheap that you cannot do without.Click To TweetYour camera won’t shake, your video will be of much better quality. Look for sturdy materials and stability and pay attention to heights and functionality – here, requirements will also vary, depending on your activity.

  1. Lighting Equipment

First off, it would be best if you were using a well naturally-lit space for filming. The better your natural lighting is, the less you will need to invest in lighting equipment. In this sense, there is a product for everyone.

If you want to fill a certain space with uniform light, choose diffuser or umbrella lamps. If you are simply filming yourself, regardless of the nature of your content, a ring light might be your best bet – ring lights are usually affordable and easy to use. They do have some drawbacks such as some unnaturally looking reflections into the eyes, for example; but if you and your audience can live with that, ring lights work great. If not, diffusers or umbrella lights would be your next option.

You will also need to use a stand for your light source – this might be included or separate from the main product.

  1. A microphone

Audio quality is just as important as anything else. If you don’t want to complicate your life with studio mics and audio interfaces, get a good quality mic that you can directly connect to your camera. This will save you a tremendous amount of effort when editing your videos.

Along with your external mic, get a stand and a pop-shield. These will ensure better sound quality, less vibration and less sound aberrations.

Good audio also means a quiet environment where you can film. If you don’t have that, then try finding a mic that can eliminate background noise or pick up the closest sounds only. You can also choose a cardioid type of microphone that will only pick up sound in one direction.

  1. A video editor

No Hollywood movie has been made without cutting. Click To TweetSo you will need to do some editing. At the beginning, this might not require any financial investment, since you can start with Windows Movie Maker on PCs or iMovie on Mac OS.

What you will be investing is time. If you have no editing experience, watch some tutorials first, go through some trial and error and you will gradually spend less time on this. After editing, don’t forget to watch your video and pay attention to any remaining flaws. Watch it again and again, until you’re ready to publish.

Good imaging, lighting and audio are what makes your video professional. With the appropriate equipment and some great content, you are ready to take on the online world and build an audience for your business, product, service or anything else you might be promoting through video.


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