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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should be Using Video

Video has rapidly become a huge part of online activity. In fact, it has been found that approximately one third of all online activity is spent watching online videos. So for businesses, that says we need to be smart and start producing the kind of content consumers want to see. Just as we wouldn’t try to sell a b-grade exercise routine to an elite athlete, we shouldn’t be trying to sell tired, text-based advertisements to a modern generation of consumers. If you aren’t entirely convinced that video marketing is the new direction to take, here are 5 more reasons why your business should be using video.


Brand Development


Branding is a vital aspect of any business’s marketing strategy. People need to know who you are and what you do. Video allows you to market yourself in a way that can be shaped by you. With video marketing, you get to shape your business’s identity on a more personal medium than text because there is that all important face-to-face interaction. Through video you can convey emotion, illicit excitement and add a personal touch to the way in which people perceive your business. Video has been proven to be an effective driver or sales and this is because of their popularity and their ability to engage an audience. Using video to shape your brand demonstrates that you’re more fun, you want to stand out from the rest and that you want to make better connections with your customers.


Building Relationships


Good videos are often emotionally compelling. Influencing a viewer’s emotions and in-turn how they feel emotionally connected to your business is a great tactic for building close relationships with your customers. Gripping narratives, music and imagery can all say a lot about your brand and add a personality that will attract your target audience – whether that be fun and exciting or simple and professional. This kind of attention to detail shows customers you care. Using video allows you to build loyalty and trust and allows you to take hold of the unique opportunities video provides.




When you write text about your business for marketing purposes, it can seldom be re-used for other channels because it looks lazy and unprofessional. Video can be watched over and over again before it loses any appeal and so they are time and cost effective to produce because of their unique ability to be effectively re-purposed. Businesses use video for a number of marketing purposes such as TV advertisements, social media advertisements, website welcome videos and email-marketing campaigns. If you invest enough time and money into the production of these videos the results are endless. You can create behind the scenes footage, still images and short form videos which are more suited to social media marketing. Video allows for flexibility and reusability and when it comes to creating marketing content for your business, every little bit helps.


Good for SEO


Nowadays, search engine optimization (SEO) is everything. All businesses should be doing everything they can to ensure that their website is performing well in search or they miss out on a significant number of prospective clients and their valuable business. When ordering websites on a search engine result page (SERP), Googlés algorithm will give sites with video a much higher rank than those without. ‘Dwell time’ or the amount of time spent on a website is another factor considered by this algorithm, video increases this factor because if you’ve got video content on there, people will watch it. Simply put, video means better chances for you to get your content out there.


The way of the future


If nothing else what should be driving you towards video is the fear of being left behind. Video is being employed by almost every business with an online presence now because of the range of benefits it has to offer. Today, it’s what drives engagement online. You want your service to stand out from the rest and video allows you to put interesting, entertaining and useful content right at the fingertips of prospective clients. If you want higher click-through-rates, higher sales and a more authoritative presence online, you need to have video to be a competitive force going into the future.





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