5 Secrets to Getting Personal Training Clients with Video on Demand

Online training with a Video on Demand (VOD) service opens a whole new world of potential for personal trainers and clients. It’s much more convenient, with the freedom of training anywhere at any time. Studies reveal that self-efficacy and adherence are often higher with online training. The lower per session cost also opens up the personal training opportunity to a whole new market. To make VOD work for you, however, you have to know how to attract Personal Training Clients. The following five key strategies will allow you to enjoy an ongoing stream of interest.

Key Strategy No.1: Focus on a Niche Target.

A large part of why online training provides greater self-efficacy for clients is it allows them to choose from a global marketplace to find the perfect trainer to suit their needs.

By specializing in an area, you can set yourself apart and become the go-to guy for that market. Click To TweetFor example, if you have a background in playing basketball, consider setting yourself up as an Elite Hoops Trainer. There are a ton of personal trainers out there, but how many are specialized basketball fitness coaches? Set yourself up as one, and you’ll have a corner on the second most popular sport in the world.

Key Strategy No. 2: Make Yourself Meaningful

You need to know what sets you apart from other trainers and highlight that for potential clientsClick To TweetList three attributes that make you special. Then think about the benefits you can provide to the client. Remember, you are selling yourself. To do that effectively, you’ll want to use testimonials, making them specific to your target niche. Now put all of this information together as a marketing page on your website.

Key Strategy No. 3: Offer a Free Giveaway

In order to get people to check out your services, you need to offer them an incentive. If your niche market is basketball players, you want to direct your marketing strategies toward basketball-related social media platforms. If you develop a quick and free course on “How to Slam Dunk in 12 Weeks Flat”, you’ll get a ton of people signing up. As long as your course delivers great content and value, you’ll have established legitimacy and clients who will be eager to check out what else you’ve got.

Key Strategy No. 4: Spread the Online Word

You need to kick into guerrilla marketing mode. Get established with every social media platform available. Send emails to everyone you can think of. Make sure that everybody knows that you are a personal trainer in your niche market. Post workout tips on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Offer to write training blog posts for websites in your niche market. Run an online competition that is fun and inspiring — you could get people to send in photos of themselves dunking a basketball with a free VOD course as the prize.

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Key Strategy No. 5: Offer the First Session for Free

Take away any sense of uncertainty by offering your first VOD session for free. Make sure in that first video, you over-deliver on what your potential client is expecting. Pack your video with useful tips they can implement immediately. Get the client started on a journey that will put them where they want to be quicker and more effectively than any other option. Do that consistently, and they’ll be begging to sign up for your VOD service.

Making it Work

Of course, having clients battering down the doors of your online store is worthless unless your VOD platform is professional, reliable, and affordable. Fortunately, you don’t have to take chances on this one: head over to www.yondo.com to find the VOD service that will get you—and your clients—moving ahead.

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