5 Tips for Improving Your Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is now a vital part of any online business’s marketing strategy now that visual mediums really have begun to take precedence over written content in the marketing world. Having quality content that’s going to appeal to a wide range of audiences while shaping your brand is key. Below are 5 steps that will help you improve your visual marketing.


Make an Impact


Visual marketing is all about telling your story through visual representations. The images and videos you create shouldn’t need text to deliver your message, the visuals should always be purposeful and impactful.  This doesn’t mean that your marketing has to be controversial or ‘viral’ in nature it just needs to be smart. You want to be using eye-catching imagery, that lends well to your message. You need this impact to be specific to your target audience too. If you’re targeting elderly people, don’t use methods that would apply to millennials or younger generations, and vice versa. This is usually done by featuring a model that would be suited to your product or service where you can demonstrate who would want them and how they would use them.


Use High Quality Images


The quality of your marketing content speaks volumes about the quality of your business. Just as you spend hours tailoring your written marketing content to shape your brand, you should be putting the same precision into your visual marketing decisions. You want the image to complement your product or service by at the very least being clear, purposeful and professional.


Show Some Diversity


Inevitably, some forms of marketing are going to be more effective than others. But before dismissing a certain type for one reason or another, it’s best to trial them and see what works for you. Everyone consumes their media differently, so by using this method, you know that you are at the very least going to be appealing to a wide range of consumers. Further, it’s a great financial investment if you can take one of your pieces of marketing content and turn it into an assortment of other things. Say for example you have a 2 minute video advertisement. You can convert that into a 60 second clip for TV advertising, a 15 second clip for social media, use still images for advertising images and re-use the script for your written marketing content.


Humanize Your Brand


As mentioned previously, you need to be telling a story about your business with your marketing. This means humanizing your brand with a strong theme or message that you wish to convey. This could be anything from a behind-the-scenes video of your business’s background story, to an animated story that portrays your business’s cornerstones.


Take Some Tips From the Pro’s


If you’re feeling stuck or a little bit unimaginative when brainstorming ideas for your business’s visual advertising, why not get searching for some inspiration online. Millions of businesses exist online and each are essentially after the same thing. Some choose to employ humor, others like to rely on viral content, some keep it simple – and there’s no real right or wrong way to do it. Take a look at some of your competitors marketing content, or anyone that you think has had some success with their marketing campaigns in recent months. Analyse your findings about where they shined, or perhaps even how they failed and apply those principles to your visual marketing plan.




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