The Best CRM Tools – 5 Top CRM Softwares in 2021

Having a thriving business is exciting but it’s not always easy to keep track of the growing customer base. Choosing the best CRM,

customer relationship management Software is essential with the importance of customer sales and service in today’s market.Click To Tweet Among the many options in the CRM world, our favorite CRM software systems will ensure that you maintain a strong relationship with your customers.

The 5 Top CRM Software in 2021 are:


Top CRM Software Screenshot: Salesforce

Salesforce is the $37 billion company that basically invented the cloud-based CRM platform. Their popularity grew and is still maintained today after it was one of the first to develop web apps with an API. It is the most robust of the software options and also tops the chart as one of the most expensive. If you run a smaller business and would like to automate a few processes, other options may be a better fit for your business. In addition to the cost, it has also been known to be more complicated to use.

If Salesforce is the system that fits your business needs, it is not difficult to integrate this system with your Yondo account. Your customer’s information is sent to your Salesforce account for continued tracking and communication.

The cost of the Salesforce CRM package is on average $65 per user per month.



Top CRM Software Screenshot: CONTACTUALLY

If you are in the Real Estate business, Contactually is the must-have CRM Software for your business. Contactually will allow you to seamlessly maintain contact with current and past clients using customizable email templates to help you quickly send emails, and bulk mailing. And to personalize emails even if you send them all at one time. Although it’s an incredible tool for the real estate industry, it also works well is for all other industries. The company has strived to create a software that users will enjoy using and not just feel forced to use daily. This is an app that was designed to ensure you are able to continue the client conversation. This quote from the Contactually site “We love strong coffee, the latest technology, strange internet memes, and accomplishing great things through better, stronger relationships” says a lot about who they are as a company.

And one of the best parts is that the integration with your Yondo account is as easy as logging into your CRM and clicking “OK”. It will create contacts from each transaction that occurs through Yondo.

The cost of the Contactually CRM package is on average $29 per user per month.



Top CRM Software Screenshot: Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a very effective, cost-efficient CRM software that is one of the leading sales management tools. It shows you everything in easy-to-view boards that let you see what’s going on in your CRM at a glance, no matter which part of the app you’re using at the moment. Pipedrive streamlines every action involved in converting a potential deal into a successful sale. It is the CRM Software for “small teams with big ambitions”.

Yondo will send the Name and Email of anyone that makes a purchase to Pipedrive and automatically create a new contact person. The integration is simple.

The cost of the Pipedrive CRM package is on average $12 per user per month.


Hubspot CRM

Next on the list of the Top 5 CRM software in 2021 is Hubspot. It’s difficult to believe that one of the best softwares is not only easy to use but has a free option as well. It’s a newer app from a team of experts known for marketing automation tools. Add a contact’s name and email, and HubSpot CRM will try to find any other info it can about them. Add a company’s domain name, and it will pull in any relevant info from the web and your email inbox. It’s a flexible CRM that’s smart enough to help you in your work and doesn’t have to cost a dime. The free version of Hubspot works well but most businesses will want to use the Sequence feature which is not part of the free plan.

And yes, you guessed it… it also is a simple integration with your Yondo account. Similar to the other CRM software, Yondo will send your clients information directly into your Hubspot software.

The cost of the Hubspot CRM package is free with upgrades available for a cost.


INSIGHTLYNumber 5 on our list, last but not least, is 2009 founded software Insightly. It is an easy to use, cloud-based CRM for small businesses. The software is a strong CRM that won’t break the bank. Insightly will automatically find your contacts’ social network profiles, LinkedIn information, and more. It will then show that information alongside your team’s emails, notes, and tasks with that contact. It also helps keep track of projects, emails, notes, leads, milestones, and much more. An administrator can create a team and track all members’ activity from Insightly CRM’s website or by using the app.

The cost of the Insightly CRM package is on average $9 per user per month; up to 3 users at no cost.

Insightly also has a simple integration with your Yondo account. Similar to the other CRM software, Yondo will take any clients from your Yondo account and import them into your Hubspot software.


Businesses continue to grow through increased and improved client conversations. All 5 of our Top CRM Softwares in 2021 were created to help grow your business and make nurturing relationships easier with Yondo. Now all you need to do is connect your tools and work towards building a successful business.

If you’d like more information on how to connect any of these tools with Yondo, check out our Integrations and Apps section within our knowledge base.


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