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5 Ways to Increase Webinar Registrations

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to gather huge numbers of webinar registrants. Whether it be bad timing, poor marketing or uninteresting content there are many things that you can to do self-sabotage your own efforts. Follow these tips to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to increase your webinar registrations.

Extend the promotional period


Typically, when a business is promoting their webinars they will begin a week before the webinar is due to commence. This is effective because it’s just enough time for people to register and only have to wait a day or two before the event takes place – there’s more immediacy. However, if you’re wanting to boost those webinar registrations, you’re going to want to be promoting for about 2 weeks leading up to the event. While this isn’t effective for creating immediacy, it is effective for creating a buzz that’s going to get more people interested in and aware of your webinar. This way, you’ve got more time to showcase different types of marketing content whether that be deals, advertisements or video marketing. The longer you’re promoting your webinar for, the more time and opportunities you’re giving prospective clients to register for your webinar. 


Mix-up your promotional content


Following on from the previous tip, it is a good idea to diversify your marketing when promoting your webinar in order to really build a buzz around it. You should have your marketing content on a well formatted landing page, you should be sending out emails with sign-up links embedded within them, you should be promoting across your social platforms with visually engaging content and you should be getting out there and engaging personally with prospective clients. Within that, your email marketing should also be diversified – using different HTML and plain text formats and your social media posts should be reworded and matched with different visuals. Having a variety of promotional content means that you’re able to get the same message out there more frequently because while the content may not be substantially different, it will feel that way to recipients.


Choose the right time

It’s simply not possible to choose a time that every prospective attendee is going to be able to attend, but there are certain times that are going to be convenient for a large number of people. Usually, those times are during the working week. Surveys from hundreds of companies around the world each come back with exact dates and times that are optimal for hosting a webinar – but each of those are often different too. In general, surveys suggest that it’s best to host your webinar on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 11am and 2pm. This is because that time of the week (and day) tends to be a little less chaotic for most people, they’re not busy doing catch-up or last minute work.


Create a killer landing page


Landing pages are the places all of your marketing content should be directing people to. It’s the epicentre of your marketing and it should be an exciting and inviting place for prospective attendees to visit and say – ‘hell yeah, that’s something that I want to attend.’ In addition to being exciting, your page of course needs to be clear and honest about what audiences should expect – don’t make it too vague or promise things you can’t deliver. As a general rule of thumb there’s a couple of things you must have on your landing page: Who the presenter is and why they are important to listen to. What you will be discussing in bullet points. When it will be held, where it can be accessed and why they should be attending your webinar – what they get from your webinar.  


Spice it up with a Guest Speaker


What’s a fast way to get larger audiences interested in your content? By joining forces with another person and harnessing their audiences too. Not only is this going to improve your webinar registrations, it’s also going to improve the content within your webinar by adding more dynamism and providing an alternate expert opinion on the topic to either challenge or corroborate your information. Just ensure that your guest speak is relevant and adds value to your presentation.





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