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6 Digital Marketing Tools to Boost your Small Business

Small businesses need the kind of exposure that the online market has to offer. The issue for many people is not knowing which marketing tools to invest in to get the best return. You want products and services that are going to be reliable, that are tried and tested, and that are going to be a smart choice for your business. Below are six digital marketing tools that are guaranteed to help you kick-start your online marketing efforts.

6 Digital Marketing Tools to Boost your Small Business

Email Marketing: MAILCHIMP

Email marketing should be a huge component of your digital marketing efforts. It’s an exceptionally powerful way of connecting interested customers with your marketing content. Mailchimp has over 8 million users- which is a strong testament to its capabilities. The thing that makes it great for small businesses that are new to the game is that it’s incredibly simplistic, affordable, and easy to use.


Visual Content/ Promotions: CANVA

Visual marketing has really taken off in recent years with the popularity of social sharing sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Now, more than ever, it’s important to have well-designed, branded images to share if you want to get your business out there. Canva is a web-based design tool that allows you to really step-up your visual marketing game. For a small price, you can either edit existing images or create something unique from scratch with a huge assortment of tools.


Website Analytics: KISSMETRICS

Website analytics is an extremely necessary component if you’re serious about making the most out of your digital marketing. Analytics can be the best feedback you’ll ever get. They tell you information about your marketing content, your products, and your services that you won’t find anywhere else. Kissmetrics is a very popular website analytics tool because of the range of information you receive. You can track a customer’s entire navigation through your page which tells you which areas of your site are attracting the most attention, and which areas you may need to work on. This will ultimately help you with your overall goal of increasing conversion rates sales and revenue.


Social Media: HOOTSUITE

Social media should always be at the forefront of any digital marketing campaign because it’s the best way to engage with new clients. The difficulty is managing all of these accounts effectively. To achieve a maximum effect with your social media sites, you need to be posting constantly across all of them, which can be a bit of a headache and can easily lead to scheduling mistakes. Hootsuite was designed to organize this process for you. From one platform, you can manage all of your social media counts that are organized into streams and tabs that can be adjusted to suit you. Hootsuite also allows you to engage with customers from the platform and integrate with analytics software to track your overall social media success.


Customer Support: ZENDESK

Customer service is truly the backbone of any great company. For small businesses, the way in which your business deals with its customers can be the difference between success and failure. Zendesk possesses a full range of tools that allow your support team to prioritize their workload, and respond to your prospective customers in an organized fashion. All of your communication channels – whether they be emails, phone calls, or chat systems, can be handled on one platform, making for a more succinct and clear line of communication between your prospective customers and your support staff.


SEO/ Campaigns: MOZ

It’s always good when you find a digital marketing tool that does more than just one thing. A tool that really goes above and beyond for its users. Moz has a collection of online tools available that all aim to make the experience for an online business simple and successful. Aside from the everyday features of Moz’s more popular product – Moz Pro, which helps with improving SEO, analytics, and tracking, they also have a product called Moz local. Moz local is ideal for small businesses. It’s built specifically to help businesses improve local SEO listings, you simply enter your location and MOZ helps to get that listing noticed. It has been found that 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, so this tool stands to do a lot for your business.





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