6 Tips For Boosting Your Conversion Rates


It’s not always easy to close the deal with new prospects. Buying decisions are becoming more and more complex for consumers given the range of choices that exist now that never did before. It’s important for you to do everything you can to stand out online. Below are six tips designed to help you grow your business and boost your conversion rates.




How are you going to know how to improve your website if you don’t even know how well it’s currently performing? Testing your website’s performance is the first step in the process. After you’ve gauged this, it’s important to know how you’re going to improve by doing some simple A/B (split) testing. You should be looking to test:

  • Headlines
  • Fold Text
  • Design & Layout
  • Navigation
  • Call to Actions (more information below)
  • Content (Video Vs. Text)

Eventually you’ll figure out which choices are going to be best for your website based on your responses. There are hundreds of sites that can help you with your testing phase such as Optimizely, Crazy Egg and Zarget.

Remember, there really is no direct method of creating a perfect website and so it’s important to continually test to learn what works for you.




As consumers, we are prone to judging a book by it’s cover. Web design has reached new heights in recent years making the visual appeal of a website everything. Color palettes, fonts, high-quality imagery, layout and design and positioning have all become just as important as any other conversion factor for the simple reason that we shop with our eyes. If you’ve got a poorly designed or unprofessional looking website it’s well worth the investment to hire someone to give you some expert advice and assistance.

Another thing worth considering is whether or not you’ve got the right type of content on the page. Is there too much text? Should there be more imagery? Are the call-to-action’s prominent enough or  are they hidden? Should I include a video? All of these questions are what you should be asking yourself when evaluating whether or not your website needs a little sprucing.  You want your site to be a beautiful, professional and exciting place for prospects. Making the right information most prominent and incorporating purposeful and appealing visual elements is going to help with your conversion rates dramatically.




Live chat is another tool that’s going to really help you increase those conversion rates because it allows customer’s questions and concerns to be answered immediately, on the spot. It’s not always effective having a support page FAQ because today’s consumers crave immediacy and often won’t go to the effort of finding the answers themselves unless they’re very interested. Having a live chat tool allows a salesperson or support staff member interject themselves into this decision making process, which means higher satisfaction for prospects and higher conversion rates for your online business.




Mobile devices now account for almost 2 out of every 3 minutes spend online so having a website that is mobile optimized is becoming increasingly critical if you’re wanting to drive your conversion rates. In fact, in 2015 Google changed it’s algorithm to penalize sites that aren’t mobile optimized which could dramatically affect your website’s overall SEO. To ensure that your businesses website gets all the traffic it can, ensure that your website is responsive and designed for mobile.




Call to Actions (CTA) are widely considered one of the most integral parts of the conversion process. They are the instructions that encourage your prospects to act and so it’s worth investing time into creating them. Improve your conversion rates by testing out different variations of text, positioning, fonts, colors, icons and imagery to get a call-to-action that’s going to drive your sales. It’s important to focus on optimal times to display these messages too. Some people bombard their visitors with CTA’s before they have even had time to read the fold, while others leave it too long and miss out on displaying it altogether, they key is to research your website analytics to find out how your prospects interact with your page.




Including proof that your service is all that you say it is can be a great incentive for customers to trust in your service and therefore – encourage your sales. If you’re claiming to be the best service around – you need trustworthy sources to corroborate that. There are of course many ways to do that:

Customer Reviews – According to Zendesk, 88% of consumers are influenced by positive and negative reviews. If you’ve got a few shining reviews, or a high star rating system based on reviews, add them to your site for prospects to see.

Customer Testimonials – These are slightly different in that they are written by satisfied customers with more to say. Their reviews are more in depth and more specific which makes them even more ideal for influencing your prospects.

Awards & Certifications– Have your products and services been given any special awards or certifications? Show them off and demonstrate your businesses superiority to your prospects.

Third Party Reviews – Have you received a glowing review from any publications? Feature that on your marketing to show off your prestige.

High Profile Clients– If you’ve got a select few high profile customers using your products and services, it’s a great idea to ask their permission to do a little name-dropping on your site. People are always put at ease when they see that a well-known company believes in your business.



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