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6 Ways to Boost Morale in a Small Business

Make them feel like their work is more than a job


To many people, having a job is purely about the money and coming to work is more of a chore than a privilege. But if you really look into why that’s happening, you’ll notice that it’s often because they’re feeling unsatisfied by the work they’re doing. Now, sometimes there’s not much you can do to change that, but if you invest the time and find ways to show them that their work is of real value, you’re going to see much higher productivity and a boost in employee morale. A supportive community will go a long way to foster happiness, so make sure they know that they are both appreciated and supported.

You could do this by getting feedback and customer testimonials about your employees. Make a habit of recognizing achievements made by members of staff or start an ‘employee of the week’ certificate.

Don’t forget to have fun.


If you’re working in an office environment or anywhere that involves monotonous work at one point or another, introducing games can be a great way to improve employee morale. In doing so, you can create an enjoyable  and therefore more productive team of employees. Some fun ideas could be having themed days at work where you dress up and have a themed lunch, you could participate in sporting events after work one night a week. You could also create more strategic games that encourage employees to think about work, but in a fun and enjoyable way. Hold a contest to see who can get the most sales in a day. Set-up a trivia afternoon with job related questions. There are thousands of ways you can create games that will engage your employees and increase productivity and morale at the same time.

Let go of negative people.


No matter how talented someone is, if you’re looking to boost employee morale, letting go of negative people is a must. Whether it’s condescension towards other employees or indecency in front of customers; these kinds of people are never worth keeping in the long run. Particularly in a small business where negative attitudes can easily bring a whole team down. Getting rid of people that bring about this kind of attitude, particularly those in higher-level positions can have a huge impact on employee morale.

Ask for feedback.


Few things are more important to an employee than feeling like their opinion is actually being heard. They are the people in charge of the everyday operations of your business so they’re always going to know what issues need to be addressed and have insightful solutions for you. Giving your employees an avenue to submit their ideas about your business is key for improvement and gives them a chance to contribute positively to your business – which will improve satisfaction, increase loyalty and boost morale.


Encourage real lunch breaks.


For many employees, lunch breaks will be the second best part of their day. Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality when running a small business that there’s simply not time for an hours break for everyone. For anyone who’s been there before, you’ll know how frustrating it is to have to miss out on one because you’ve got too much work to do. You’re busy, you’re hungry, you’re less productive and you can become quite resentful because of it. So encouraging lunch breaks can really mean a lot for a small business to keep your employees happy and productive throughout the day. While you might not be able to give them a full break – perhaps make them shorter but more frequent. Provide breakfast, snacks or lunches, or go out together and eat once a week.

Limit opening hours.

If you’re operating a small hospitality based business, the hours of operation are usually quite clean cut. However, if your business is an office job that often requires an employee to be there for varied and extended periods of time – you need to be giving them a good incentive to be there, otherwise both the morale and productivity of your business is really going to drop. If you can, implement time-management strategies, increase support or perhaps hire more staff to lessen the workload and standardize your work hours a little.




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