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6 Web Design Mistakes for Beginners


Your website is your business’s online stage, so having a site that’s well-designed should be a priority for any online business looking to stand out from the crowd. Oftentimes though, when people are trying to be innovative they forget about the base principles of user experience design which can really damage your conversion rates. In an age where your online presence is everything you want a design that ultimately focuses on simplicity in order to be successful.

Follow these few rules in order to avoid some of the most common and detrimental web-design mistakes for your business.


1.Poor and unorganised navigation is a real killer of conversion rates. Many developers nowadays are getting extremely crafty with their design – and some are doing it very effectively by creating something new and exciting for visitors – but something that’s often forgotten about in that kind of process is usability; having a platform that your average consumer can search and navigate through with ease and intuition. People need to know that certain things are going to be in certain places in order to find their way around your site and read the information you have provided for them. Home buttons near the top of the page, a search bar for convenience – these little things that really matter to some people.

2. Mobile is everything nowadays. If your website, or elements of your website are not mobile optimized you are missing out on a huge portion of your prospective clients. Having a website that makes conversion tools such as registration forms or email sign-up’s can mean a dramatic decrease in sales and all of the time spent investing in these tools goes to waste. Spend time designing your website so that conversion tools are easily seen and completed by visitors from all types of devices.


3. When many people think of adding engagement and excitement to their websites they often think – heavy imagery, flash based graphics and animations. While yes, these things might appear to be very appealing to some – they are going to be a nightmare for anyone viewing your content with slow downloading speeds or on a mobile device. Increase your traffic and the time visitors spend on your page by making your website more simplistic and less ‘heavy’ for users across all platforms.


4. Hierarchy is an extremely important design element to consider when planning the layout of your website. FACT: the information you put above the fold will get the most attention, but according to ClickTale, only 22% of people will scroll to the very bottom. That means that it’s best practice to arrange the content with the most important information to the least important in order to have a successful website for your business. Use hierarchy to guide the visitors eyes down the page where the information gradually becomes less important, but is still very engaging to read and view.


5. Having blank pages or pages with little to no information is a real issue for many sites. Your website is where a prospective customer is sent to learn more about your business and if you have no information to give them, they are far more likely to disregard your business and go with another. Sometimes, businesses may do this unintentionally, by making a site live before it’s ready or has been properly tested. This too is a huge mistake because of how unprofessional it seems to the public – so always make sure to put enough information on each page and test your site before making it live for everyone to see.


6.Homepages are of course important because they are the first impression most prospective clients will have of your business. Having a visually appealing, well formatted and well-designed homepage is vital – but it’s equally as important that you pay the same attention to the rest of your website. Disjointed pages, that appear incomplete or inconsistent can really damage your website’s appeal. These are the pages visitors go to learn more, and arguably – the pages they spend the most time visiting so it’s worth spending the time developing these out just as meticulously in order to drive sales.





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