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7 Tips to Sell Live Online Classes

It’s easy to get caught up in the content creation process – investing heavily in the process of creating and uploading your videos – and forget the importance of building an audience and selling your classes. But without careful investment of time and energy into the sales process, your online video courses and video on demand library won’t attract the visitors and attention needed to be successful.

To help you build that audience and start generating new sales as soon as possible, here are 7 tips to sell live online classes.

Utilize a Platform with Built-In Sales Tools

The first step is to ensure your platform allows you to easily promote live content when people access your free or on demand content. A customer dashboard, branded video content, and easy marketing tools that allow you to reach people when they’ve accessed any part of your online video library will allow you to fill your live classes to capacity much more easily.

One of the reasons our platform is designed with so much customization possible in the backend is that it allows our customers to present content in the format that is most likely to generate them additional sales, live consultations, and live class bookings. The ease with which someone can sign up is very important here.

Yondo’s feature set is designed with this in mind. There is a specific landing page created for each individual online class session and booking buttons can be embedded in email or on your website, allowing you to capture potential leads when they are reading your blog, responding to an email, or just surfing your website.

During the checkout process, you can add custom fields that allow you to gather detailed information about leads as well. Because you control so much of how this is presented, the signup process is streamlined for both the student and you as the course-runner.

Stay Active in Online Forums and Social Settings

To effectively promote your content, you must first build and maintain an audience that will be interested in learning more about what you’re offering.

Specifically, maintain an active blog with at least one post per week, active social media channels with at least one post per day on each of them, and an active presence in any industry forums that relate to the topics on which you will be holding classes.

This seems like a lot of work at first and the ROI may not be immediately clear, but by maintaining this content, you build a consistent presence for your brand online and increase the size of the top of your funnel so that more people can find your paid content.

Offer Free Content that Solves Important Problems

Not everyone is ready to engage in a paid course right away.Click To Tweet They may have the problem that you are working to solve and they may even be interested in your content and the description you give of what you can do for them, but actually investing in the answers to those questions may not be a step they are ready for.

If this is the case, you want somewhere you can send them and something they can engage with at a lower level. Free content on YouTube or even on your own website can help them to engage with and get to know your brand at a point well before they are ready to buy. Staying top of mind and having already demonstrated that you can solve their problems will make you a good fit when they are ready to invest.

Invest in Paid Advertising on Video-Friendly Platforms

The above methods all involve building an audience and nurturing it over a period of weeks or even months. It’s slow, and for those that want to increase their return on investment sooner than later, an injection of traffic is important.

The most effective way to do this is to invest in paid advertising on platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook where you can generate a large volume of traffic in a short period of time through the video medium. The cost of these ads can vary between $0.10 and $0.30 per view but if you can target your content effectively and generate solid traffic from those ads, it will pay off.

Nurture the Leads You Generate

When someone watches a free video, joins your mailing list, or pays for access to your video on demand library, stay in touch. Nurture those lead with regular follow up messages to their email. Ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel, ask for feedback on your content and build a relationship with them that will persist until they are ready to invest.

People make quick decisions online – and when someone isn’t ready to buy that means they move on fast. If you can hook them in any way – especially into your email list – you have a much better chance of being the option they choose when the time comes to buy.


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