7 Video Marketing Tips for 2017

Online video is beginning to far surpass any other form of content marketing for one reason – audiences and prospects want to be entertained. Video content is unarguably far more engaging and converts far more effectively than than written content, so it makes sense that marketers would be turning to this medium to distribute their information to existing customers and new prospects. Unfortunately, with all of the competition that exists nowadays, it’s not always a simple process.


To help you along the way, here are 7 tips that will help boost your online video marketing efforts in 2017.


Google & SEO


As most people working within the online business world will know, SEO is everything – and that extends to online video too. With online video SEO, you are still looking to secure the highest possible ranking, and the same basic principles that are applied to web search are equally applicable to Youtube or online video search engine result pages.


In addition to basic SEO practices – keywords, metadata, links, images etc. adding contextual elements to your video landing pages is also extremely important. It will demonstrate to search engine algorithms that your page is useful and therefore, worthy of a higher rank. Add links to relevant content, flesh out your video explainers with relevant keywords and enable comments.


However, it’s important to keep in mind that what’s always going to be most important for SEO is ensuring your pages are of interest for the viewers. If your video content is uninteresting or unhelpful, all the SEO tactics in the world can’t help you, so always make that your first priority.




Youtube is where many video marketers tend to push their content, and admittedly there’s a good reason for it. Not only is it the largest video search engine in the world, but 6 billion hours of video is actually consumed by viewers on the platform each month. This places you in front of more prospects than any other media platform including television, so it really is worth the investment. To do this effectively, you 100% need to be buying ads on relevant, high-performing videos (depending on your budget) or at least boosting your SEO (as mentioned above) as much as you possibly can to be found naturally by the search engine algorithms. Share this content on social media if you want maximum results.


Orchestrate Your Release


Video releases should always be treated as events. You want your videos to launch at the right time and viewed by the right people – so there’s a lot of preparatory tasks that can be done to ensure this happens. The first is contacting the right people to promote it for you and actively seeking out opportunities for collaboration. You could try reaching out to blogs and websites that have your target audiences and coming up with an arrangement with them to promote your video. This could be anything from a one-off payment to an accompanied guest post.


You could even structure your video around a particular event. Eg. If your video is a fitness boot camp tutorial, you could release it leading up to a large fitness competition in your area, and promote it on your social media to local friends, family and prospects.


Consider Your Platforms


It’s important to keep in mind that each platform is different and requires different optimizations in order to be successful. For example, you might have a longer length youtube tutorial video that goes in-depth about gardening – but if you try and reopst it on social you will not receive anywhere near as much attention because social media favours short, succinct video content. When deciding on a platform, it’s all about assessing what your business objectives are with the video you are posting – do you want a shorter, more viral effect, or longer, steadier effect. Multi-platform strategies are essential for anyone looking to make a real impact with their video content.


Consistency is Good for Branding


One way to round up a loyal audience for your video marketing is by building community around your videos. This is achieved through consistency and branding. Use recurring, iconic symbols such as catch phrases, music, jokes or characters to connect each video to one another and give your content a consistent flow. This way, audiences will be able to identify your videos more easily, making your marketing more distinguishable and ultimately more successful. Just be careful that the recurring symbols you choose actually work well in your favour. Before you create a series, see how audiences react.


Don’t be Boring!


The end goal of video marketing is virality. It’s achieved every week by innovative marketers that know what to produce and when to distribute their content to get an optimal effect. The golden rule to virality is to not be boring. Create something that people want to share with their friends and family, something out-of-the-box, or something that takes from pop culture. A heavily branded video that doesn’t entertain is NEVER going to be successful. When people click on videos they expect to laugh, to cry or to feel enlightened and if your video doesn’t deliver, it will be forgotten. Even if you are a more traditionally branded business, using humor, wit or edgy marketing tactics can be done tastefully, and if successful will be a great way to help your business stand out from the crowd. Find a niche your business can get around and make their time watching your video feel worthwhile.


Tell a Story


Video marketing can either go one of two ways – work really well to engage and excite your customers, or annoy and repel them. Using tired marketing techniques that are so overtly sales oriented is a sure fire way to achieve the latter. You want to engage audiences, and the best way to do that is by telling a story with your video marketing. Concentrate on what your content means to your audience. Be emotive and appeal to the needs and desires of your target market. Have marketing techniques in there, but make them covert and ensure the focus is on the story not the sale. Couple this with something like a CTA or clickable banner of some sort that encourages sales and leads prospects to the right place to drive your sales.




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