8 Tips for Sourcing New Clients Online

Sourcing new clients nowadays has become exponentially easier for businesses thanks to the huge amount of social interaction between people and products through social media sites. It puts potential clients right at our fingertips. What’s challenging, is getting all of that attention and interaction to translate into sales for your business. Below are some tips that should assist you with this challenging yet vital process.

First and foremost, your social media presence is everything online. It’s where everyone actually is, so you need to get yourself across all of the popular platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) to increase your chances of connecting with potential clients.

Social media is also a fantastic way to build trust with your customers by being ever-present on social media, and by being interactive and engaging; replying to people’s questions, posting relevant and engaging content, going out of your way to communicate with people. By always being there, and being available, people are happier with your service and will ultimately gain trust in your business.

Incentives are key. Initially, when people are thinking business, they are thinking about two things: money and value. What better way to put a person at ease than providing them with a solution to both.

Testimonials can be powerful. People are often guarded when looking to do business. Especially online, with all of the adware and cons, it’s so easy for people to be suckered. So when we’re online it’s only natural for us to assume things are “too good to be true”. That’s where testimonials become helpful. In seeing that someone has genuinely had a good experience with a product or business, we tend to drop our guard a little, which makes us more susceptible to influence.

Once audiences have started viewing your business, you need to give them a reason to be interested in it. What does it mean for them? They want to know that you understand their problems and have viable solutions to them. They want options, and insight. Showcase your businesses value.

Team up with another business interested in similar audiences. This doesn’t mean someone with a similar product, but someone with a product that can compliment yours. If you’re a hairdresser, you could enter into an arrangement with a nail salon or a makeup artist where you share each other’s advertisements or give them a shoutout. This allows you to leverage each other’s resources and databases to gain valuable business from one another. As your relationship develops (depending on how mutually beneficial the arrangement has been) you can even send each other referrals.


Re-work your image. If you’re a business and you’ve been in the game a while, it’s not a bad idea to revamp your image and bring it into the future. Whether it be a new logo, colour scheme or simply an updated online marketing strategy, businesses need to constantly be re-assessing themselves and asking for feedback in order to perfect their image, which of course is everything.

Know your competition. This one is a big one for sourcing clients online. You can use your study of other businesses to learn a lot about the best and worst practices for your company. If one of your competitors are doing particularly well – have a look at their online tactics and try to mimic their success in your own way. If a company isn’t doing well, think about what they should be doing instead and apply it to your own business.
Your company’s success is often entirely dependent on your clients. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that they are always being looked after, and that you are always actively seeking opportunities to engage new clients, in order to grow your business. By following these steps, you are sure to help your business reach it’s full potential.







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