8 Ways to Make your Videos More Visually Appealing


If you’re looking for a way to make your online videos more visually appealing, read through the following tips that will really make an impact on your next video.



Animations are a great way to diversify your online videos and add a truly unique dynamism to your content. They often provide a solution for simplifying complex topics making them well received by general audiences. They’re also very versatile in that some people choose to use animations throughout an entire video, whereas others only use them for small segments. If you’re trying to engage a younger audience, make them plentiful- if you’re simply trying to make an instructional video more easy to follow, considering using basic animations sparingly. Moovly and Animaker are ideal tools to use for creating animations for your online videos.



Infographics are one of the most engaging ways to present information. Like animations, they have a unique ability to break down a complex topic and make it more easily understood than almost any other tool you could use. Studies have shown that clear and detailed images are more important to at least 67% of consumers than product description, customer ratings, and other text-based content. (John Gregorio, Digital Marketing Philippines) Some programs you can use to create infographics include:

Comics and Cartoons

Gone are the days where cartoons and comic strips are made just for children. They frequent almost every political section of a news website for a good reason. It is because cartoons are a great way to present information or tell a story through a more humorous, lighthearted and engaging method. By adding cartoons and comics into your video, you are able to present your information in a way that is dynamic and engaging for a range of audiences. Storyboard That is a great online tool for creating personalised cartoons and comic strips for your videos.


Follow Basic Rules of Design

For a visually appealing video it’s great to have some variation in your frames. Follow the basic rules of design to ensure that your video is dynamic and well-designed. Balance ensures that nothing is overshadowed and is left unnoticed. Repetition affects the rate at which information is processed, contrast highlights the difference between two subjects, dominance affects what is seen more prominently and hierarchy is the combination of all of these elements to create a chain of importance – ensuring that the most important information is always seen first.

Follow this detailed guide by Canva to help you make more informed decisions about your design.


Introduce a Color Scheme

Color schemes are vitally important for a business not just for their aesthetic purposes, but for psychological purposes too. Behind every successful business, is a carefully selected colour palette that was the result of deep consideration and marketing research into what each color would mean for the business’s branding. This is because of the immense effect color can have on an audience’s mood which then shapes their actions. 

  • Orange is for creativity, fun and enthusiasm
  • Yellow is for friendship and cheer
  • Green is for goodness, organic and money
  • Blue is for peace, confidence and simplicity
  • Purple and Pink are feminine, youthful and plentiful
  • Red is for love, boldness and emotion also increases hunger
  • White is for simple, pure and good
  • Grey and Silver are mature, classy and sophisticated
  • Black is for strength and power

Below are some handy online tools to help you select a great color palette for your video:


Screenshots are often a necessary evil when creating a video – especially if it’s instructional. They are the best way to represent certain types of information and but they tend to be quite unappealing to look at. However, there is an app you can use to fix this issue for you. Skitch is a program that’s just been created that allows you to take these images to the next level and jazz them up a bit. With Skitch you can make all the modifications you’d ever need to ensure that your screenshot is both effective and appealing.


Use Decorative Fonts

Decorative fonts are those that are used to make text stand out and are the best to use in videos when you’re looking to create a theme or some interesting titles. Fonts can be a psychologically based element of design. They say a lot about your business and can be vital in portraying your branding and so when choosing a font, you need to consider what you want it to say about your business

As a common rule of thumb, it is best to use sans or sans serif fonts for the body of your text and decorative fonts for your titles. Choose something that feels right for the topic, portrays your business’s image and suits your overall theme.





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