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Animation Software that will Boost your Online Videos


Animation software can be great addition to your online videos when used correctly. Gone are the days where animations were purely for engaging children. In a professional setting, animated videos can be used for explainer videos, animated whiteboard videos or simply to promote your products and services in a fun and appealing way. For educators, they can be used to create educational videos and break down complex topics, as well as making for more visually attractive presentations.

The software listed below have all been created to make this process as simple as possible for you, should you decide to take advantage of this exciting engagement tool.




Moovly is perhaps the most well-known animation software available because they’ve put a lot of effort into tailoring their usability, which makes it appealing for first-timers – and it’s also free! With Moovly, you can create your animations in a Doodle style- where the animations look hand-drawn, Infographics style – where the animations are displayed like moving infographics, Paper Cut-Out Style – which looks like the animations are moving collages, as well as Cartoon style and custom styles which allows you to meet the graphics style of your company and add branding elements such as logos, images, colors and fonts.




GoAnimate is another software with a heavily focus on simplicity and usability. The best part about this software, is that by purchasing the business package, your built-in templates and icons are tailored to a business environment – you can choose from customer service, HR and training templates as well as professional looking characters and office related icons, which is often an issue for other programs. To use the software, you simply use drag and drop tools, and each preset feature can be fully customized to meet your needs, whether that be the avatar, the background or the scene. It’s about $25 a month for a business plan which is extremely affordable when you think about all it can do for your business.




PowToon is a free online software, which is always a bonus. It’s another system that allows you to create an array of different types of animations from infographics to hand drawn to presentation style animations. They too pride themselves on their usability – likening themselves to PowerPoint. An exciting feature other softwares don’t have that they do is the ability to add music. The preset icons and templates are suited to a wide variety of industries; anything from medical to transport so there’s a huge range to choose from.


Crazy Talk


CrazyTalk is dissimilar to the other types of animation because it focuses purely on 3D talking heads. While it may seem strange at first, CrazyTalk is exceptionally powerful because you can create an online character – animate it as cartoon-y or realistically as you would like, sync it with your audio and get it to present your speech for you. This makes for an all round more engaging experience for your viewers. The software itself has easy learning tools, tutorials and tips to support you along the way. It’s interface is also quite friendly, lets you apply motion, import artwork and convert it to animation. It’s a one-off payment that’s more expensive depending on what you want, but the standard package is $49.

After Effects


Adobe’s After Effects is powered by Adobe, so straight away you know you’re going to get a higher quality, more professional kind of animation from it. If you’re looking for more sophisticated kinds of animations, this is where you’ll want to go. This software is commonly used for film and TV production, so the quality of the results are often quite powerful. With this software you can color correct, animate in 3D and create your own individual characters, integrate with various other editing tools – and thousands more tools than I can list for you. Unfortunately, this downside to this software is that there is a lot to learn and understand before you can get creating and if you’re a beginner you will really struggle to use this software – so it’s best to avoid unless you’re confident in your capabilities.




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