Doing it Right – Yondo Business of the Week: Denise Levy


Denise Levy, is a professional matchmaker that owns and operates a MatchMaking & Coaching Boutique in Destin, Florida, where she works with clients and other matchmakers throughout the United States.


Denise has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is often referred to as the ‘fairy godmother of matchmaking and personal development’. Her work involves the facilitation of true love and healthy relationships, and teaching people about the art and science of love, communication and attraction. With a bachelor of social work and background in human behavior, she also specializes in Date Coaching, Divorce Recovery, Relationship Coaching, Strategic Planning, Personality Assessments, Image Consulting and Makeover Services.


I help my clients to present the very best version of their authentic self in efforts to attract, meet and keep the person of their dreams by pushing them out of their old ways, removing limiting beliefs and most importantly, building confidence and self esteem.


Denise’s passion lies in human behavior. Her journey through the matchmaking industry has given her a real sense of fulfillment as she meets clients everyday that inspire her to connect with more and more people.


“My favourite client was probably a woman in her late 60’s who I had worked with years ago. I was in my office one evening with another client and she had walked in. Because I hadn’t seen her in years, I didn’t even recognise her. When I walked over I noticed she was staring at a frame on the wall and had tears in her eyes. Naturally, I was concerned I asked her if she was okay, could I help? And she said to me ‘that’s my wedding invitation, my husband passed away a couple of years ago and I was wondering if you could find me another one?’ That really made me feel good that she entrusted me to help her through that journey.”


While Denise’s business is based around expert knowledge developed through her professional training and education, it was a somber turn of events that initially brought her to the matchmaking industry.


My background was in social work and I was working with children and families for a while. Up until a point where I was in a position where I had to put a child back into a home that I didn’t feel comfortable about, it wasn’t safe and I was in the position where there was not a lot I could do; I felt very trapped. And so I went for a career change. I found an ad in a newspaper for a matchmaking agency and I thought, ‘well that could be fun’ and now here I am 20 years later.


With the popularity of TV dating shows, mobile dating applications and dating websites, Denise believes there has been a growing acceptance of the matchmaking industry as a whole. Her client base has grown into a wide-ranging collection of clients, each seeking different things.


Most of my clients are everyday people, but a large portion of them are busy professionals that have focused on their career and put their social life on the back burner for too long. They are proactive, sincere and ready to make a change. Just as you’d see an accountant for a financial matter, or a lawyer for a legal matter – they come to me for relationship matters when they are ready to make their love life a priority.


Though, Denise admits she’s very particular about the clients she does take on. Her stance on on financial security, background checks and precautionary things of that nature are unyielding in order to be sure clients are coming to her for the right reasons.


‘I want to make sure that the people I am working with are sincere, honest and there for the right reasons. This extends to people that are going through personal issues like self-esteem and getting over past relationships. If I were to take up a client like that, I’d really be setting them up for failure and that’s where the coaching comes into play. It gives them the skills to be confident and comfortable and ready for that adventure.’


Of course like any smart business person, Denise wanted to expand her client and associate base on an online platform.


“There are so many things that technology can do nowadays. What I wanted to do as a matchmaker was bring that technology into play and use it as a platform to reach more people. And so now, I have the capability of reaching audiences on a national and international level because I can meet with them live, face-to-face and reach more people than just I can sitting across the desk from them.”


Earlier this year, Denise found Yondo – an all in one ecommerce solution for online businesses, and found that they were able to bring everything together for her so she could intimately communicate with her clients, even though she is miles away.


“The Yondo platform itself makes it more personalized. It’s not like online dating, clients are still working one-on-one with me and Yondo gives us the ability to communicate personally. It’s almost as if Yondo had my business model in mind when it was created. The 1-to-1 consultations, the webinars, maintaining my entire schedule for me, taking care of payment processing where I can accept payments directly through the system, and the security of it all, which to me is priceless. There’s so many things about it’s system that apply to what I do specifically, it was like my business model in a box.”


If you’re interested in getting involved with Denise’s matchmaking and coaching business “Miss Matchmaker” visit her website for more information.

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