Add call-to-actions to your videos with Yondo

Create New Clickable Video Overlay Call To Actions

One of the hardest parts of content marketing is nailing down your call-to-action and getting your customers to go from your videos or webinars, to where you want them to go. This is a huge hurdle to overcome with any content creation and Yondo understands this better than anyone.


That is why Yondo has developed a new clickable Video Overlay function that allows you to add banner images to the middle of your videos. These overlays when clicked will direct your customers anywhere you would like them to go via URL.


Yondo already has given you the ability to add customizable sales panel Call-to-Actions to the end of your videos, which is still an amazing way to call your customers to action. But why wait until the end of the video to call on your audience, when you can during your video instantly, while the information is freshest in your customer’s mind. 


Using this function is as easy as creating a banner image, uploading it to your video, and adding a URL  to direct your customers too.

Your Overlay will appear on the bottom of your video much like a news headline you may see on TV, though the being able to click those overlays, opens up so many avenues to explore.


Yondo lets you create your own opportunities and capitalize on them by being able to procure sales from any and all parts of your video content marketing. That mixed with your ability to sell your videos, live 1-to-1 consultations, and webinars give you endless combinations of ways you can interconnect your content and dramatically increase your revenue.  





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