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Creating a Website that Leads to Sales

When creating websites and homepages, maximising profits through design is really the ultimate goal for most businesses. But, it’s not an easy process. Follow these few steps to ensure that your website allows your business to reach it’s full potential online.


Have a clean Layout

You want your website to let people know you’re a professional and you mean business. Something that’s really going to help you portray that image is having a clean layout. This means a minimalist, simple design that still contains all of the necessary information. Unless your branding calls for it, you should always avoid clutter because it makes for an unclear navigation process and distorts the text and imagery. . You want your website to be as user friendly as possible so people know where to go to find more information. When you create a website, the harder it is to navigate, the more likely it is that people will give up and take their business elsewhere. Ensure that you’ve done some research into effective design and tested it with a few honest friends, employees or associates. If necessary, get a professional opinion.


Link to your Blog

Nowadays, it’s integral to have a blog for your business, and this blog should always be accessible via your website. This way, people visiting your site can find out more about your business, your services and your expertise through the blog posts you are creating and distributing. This will position you in a positive light amongst prospects and ultimately increase your chance of sales.


Insert a Call-to-Action

For many people, call-to-action’s are the most important part of a website if you’re looking to increase conversion rates. They not only instruct people to take action and “download now” or “sign-up here”, they do it in a way that is both compelling and exciting. Bold font, bright colors and clarity – all contribute to making a really effective CTA. So do your research (believe me, there’s a lot out there), figure out the most ideal placement of your CTA and what messages and design elements will be most effective for you.


Install live chat

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling a wave of relief when you visit a page for support purposes and realise that they have a live chat option. It eliminates the inconvenience and frustration associated with having to wait for hours before your call is answered, or sending an email that doesn’t receive a reply until two days later. For many people, customer service is what’s going to make or break the purchase, and poor customer service can really damage your business’s sales. Live chat ensures that the customer always has someone to talk to, which means that no customer is left unattended which can lead to a dramatic increase in sales so it’s worth the investment.


Use Offers & Promotions

Once you’ve invested such large portions of time, effort and money into generating traffic and driving customers to your page, you want to present them with something to keep them interested; something that’s going to make them want to take action. Offers and promotions can be a really powerful way to increase conversion rates immediately, especially if the offer or promotion is designed to appeal to the visitor, without taking too much away from your business.


Display Customer Testimonials & Achievements

Nothing puts a buyer at ease like a genuinely positive review of your products and services. It demonstrates what all buyers want to know before making a purchase: that you’re a business they can trust, with products and services that really can help them. Use testimonials written by customers and associates within the industry. Showcase these testimonials alongside your accreditation’s, your awards, your achievements and demonstrate your expertise on the very page users will go to seek information about your business.


Include an Explainer Video

Having a select range of visuals on your page can do wonders for creating appeal and adding dynamism. It’s capturing someone’s attention with information about your business that’s really going to work and videos are the ideal platform for this. Including a video on your website is said to increase conversion rates by up to 85%. Video allows you to cleverly incorporate text, sound and vision to showcase your business and shape your brand. Throughout your video, you should be careful not to bombard your audience with dry, factual information. They should be entertained at all times for optimal effect. Also, keep in mind that the quality of your video is sometimes seen to be a reflection of the quality of your business – so invest adequate time and money producing something you can be proud of, otherwise, it may be best to not include it at all.


Identify Key Areas

Analytics can be one of the most useful tools a salesperson could posses because they tell you insightful information about your strengths and weaknesses. By using analytics software on your website – you can track things such as: Where are people clicking? Where is the traffic coming from? What area’s of the page are generating the most attention? And What are the elements that are drawing this attention? Including elements such as promotions and calls-to-action are only going to be effective if they’re seen by everyone. Understanding the answers to all of these questions can help you organize your page, and showcase your most important content in the most visible areas which will help you generate far more traffic and far more sales.





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