Developing Your Brand and Staying On-Trend

Branding works to establish your business as a whole. It tells people who you are, what to expect from your products and services, and what sets you apart from the rest. Is your brand high-end or inclusive, experienced or new and fresh? Let your branding tell your business’s story. It’s all about developing the essence of your brand which can include a number of things: name, logo, color schemes, fonts and typography, taglines and mottos, illustrations and graphics as well as voice and tone. Follow these few steps to ensure that you develop a well-crafted brand.



The point of a slogan is to give your product a unique voice. They are what separate you from the rest, even if your business or product is similar to another. You’re aiming for honesty and simplicity, so stay away from anything longer than one sentence otherwise your slogan will be completely forgettable. Stay away from a slogan that claims you’re #1 – firstly, because it is an incredibly difficult thing to substantiate and you don’t want to risk losing credibility, and secondly, because just hearing it sounds old fashioned and a little too good to be true. But most importantly, your slogan should be catchy and have a ‘ring to it’.


Color Palettes and Fonts

In branding, colors are important to a business not just for aesthetic reasons, but because of the psychology behind them. Behind every successful business, their color palette was chosen as the result of deep consideration into what those colors would mean for the brand. This is because of the immense effect color can have on a consumer’s mood which then shapes our actions. The issue is the fact that everyone has their own perceptions of different colors and relates them to different things. However, as a general guide, here are some examples:

  • Orange – creative, fun, enthusiastic
  • Yellow – friendly, cheerful
  • Green – good, fresh, organic, money
  • Blue – peace, confidence, simplicity
  • Purple/Pink – feminine, youthful, plentiful
  • Red – love, boldness, emotion
  • White – simple, pure and good
  • Grey/ Silver – mature, classy, sophisticated
  • Black – strength, power

Like colors, fonts can also be very telling in understanding a business’s central idea. Older style fonts represent integrity and sincerity. Rounded or curvy fonts can make a business appear childish or fun. Choose a font that you feel suits the overall message your brand is sending.



I don’t personally believe in a set list of rules that will get you a great name for your business. This is because of the sheer volume of brands that exist despite the common rules you would usually hear. “Don’t use surnames” – look at McDonald’s and Kelloggs. “Don’t use made-up names” – look at Google and Quora. The only sure-fire tip that I can suggest when it comes to naming a business is doing market research. Get out there and pitch your names to as many people as you can find and really look deep into the feedback you receive on them. In doing this, you can predict how your name is going to be perceived by the public.


Voice and Tone

Branding your voice and tone encompasses order, rhythm and pace – as well as the overall mood of your speech. Through your voice and tone readers should be able to understand what your business represents. It is to be included in all written copy such as website information, social media and blog posts and emails, as well as all verbal communication between clients.



Once you have established your branding elements,  integration is key. Incorporate your branding into every element of your business. Anything from emails, to phone calls to packaging or employee attire; it should be everywhere otherwise people disconnect your business from your carefully branded products and services.


Staying on trend

As for staying on-trend, the only way you can be certain you are doing this is by constantly analyzing the market, taking note of popular trends and discovering ways you can mimic them and integrate them into your branding. Popular trends in recent times include branding personalization – demonstrated through Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke with…” campaign, a focus on brand experience over image projection and a shift to branding that creates a humanistic and personable connection with customers.


The key to ensuring branding success is simply consistency and keeping in mind that your branding needs to be uniform and identifiable in order to be most effective.







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