Doing it Right – Yondo Business of the Month: TK Fit

Tony & Karen Hill of TK Fit have been on the international fitness stage for over 20 years. With a combined 50 years of experience in the industry, their feats range from group training sessions with elderly clients to radio and TV appearances in Turkey to transformations of Hollywood actors and actresses. It’s this experience and their individual journeys that have allowed them to cultivate a real passion for the health and fitness industry.

With a background in group training and celebrity fitness, the couple broke out in Turkey and created a successful career based on their expertise. In total, they have created three fitness training DVD’s and authored four books.

Karen’s focus is primarily on holistic health while Tony’s is on physical performance and it’s this partnership that really shaped their unique approach to a health and fitness industry that they believe has become over-commercialized. Their programs focus on tackling root causes of issues, holistic nutrition and the integration of life coaching to optimize a client’s health – steering clear of any quick fixes.

“Change your life – change your health.That’s the philosophy we live by. We avoid all temporary fixes because what do you do after? Detoxes and extreme dieting – can you do that until you die? No, you cannot. It makes our training a harder sale, but we’ve found that giving clients time and being patient as well as being an example really works. You don’t want to pay for something you’re not getting results from and people are getting fed up with these quick fixes which are a good thing for us.”

Their approach to health and fitness is truly unique and is ultimately what sets them apart from the rest. They aren’t just fitness instructors, they are life coaches too.

“We are focused on changing not just your diet, not just your exercise regimes but also working through where you come from. Your ancestry and how you are brought up determines what you eat, how you live and what you look like. These cultural decisions are what shape us through the rest of our lives, and if these decisions are poor, they’re harder to beat. People fail to account for the fact that if you’re 30 – that’s 30 years of bad choices you’ve got to fix. We have reduced health and fitness to weight and fat, but that’s a lie. We teach responsibility and accountability through our programs, and we’ve taken all of those other factors that are often forgotten into account when we built our business.”

“We believe in walking in the fire with you, and that being strong physically is what you need to have a strong spirit. You can be optimistic but if your body is weak or tired your soul will not survive, and it will go down. You need to be able to control your body and allow it to do what you want at any age; that is priceless.”

“A lot of people wait till they retire or get old to do what they love, but that’s backward. The human body we were given is an amazing tool.”

When Karen first discovered her passion for the fitness industry, she was in college studying political science and business when she noticed she was gaining weight. She fell victim to many diet and exercise programs that had little to no effect.

“I started researching, and I really liked what I found, but I saw what a commercialized business it was, which really hurt. So, I decided that after college I wanted to do this, but I wanted to look at it as a lifestyle, not just a dietitian, that’s why I’m a holistic nutritionist and why I do lifestyle changing.”

Tony’s journey began when he was just 14 years old with a deep desire to learn about the body.

“I always say it was inspired by God because at 14 you aren’t usually thinking about running posture or how it affects your feet and back and joints, you don’t think about food absorption or anything like that. When I got these visions from God, I would go and research, and it would blow me away. My goal in life is doing the impossible and making the impossible, possible for other people. It’s what helped me turn my life around. I was born in violence, I had a very rough childhood, and when I was 16, I was hit by a car and pronounced dead on arrival. But after that – my life was like a miracle after miracle. I entered the military at 18. Military to dentistry, dentistry to law enforcement – I was a singer at one time, and in all of this I found my passion was helping people.”

From there Tony met Karen and became certified with the International Sports and Science Association (ISSA). From there it’s been strength to strength over the past 20 years of their impressive careers.

Karen believes there has been a real shift in the fitness industry that has tainted its integrity.

“Back in 1991, the fitness industry was a service business, we really took care of the clients, everybody helped, we knew their names, and now, unfortunately, it has just become a business. No one has time anymore, no one wants to pay attention to the client’s needs anymore. They tell you what you want to hear, they give you a quick fix but it never works and it never will. We have all these programs now that are the same things we’ve always – Zumba is dancing, Pilates is physical therapy, yoga is religious meditation, but we commercialized it. It’s a money making business now, not a service business.”

Still, their spirit and passion for the industry have not wavered. They still see the very real and life-changing effects their guidance can have on their clients on a daily basis.

“You see that spark. People often come to me under the mask of wanting weight loss, but underneath they are sick. They’re tired, they’re hopeless, they’re depressed. Even after one week when people start seeing small results – I slept great, I feel better, my skin looks good or if they are starting to understand why they were gaining the weight, or making small spiritual realizations – that’s it for me. That makes me the happiest person in the world.”

“I’m reminded of a couple who were depressed and overweight, she was going to get surgery to fix it,  the father was distant and the family was not doing well. When we were finished, everyone was so happy, the wife lost a whole person, and their children were happy because he became a good father and a loving husband.”

Tony & Karen recently returned to the United States, leaving behind their massive fan base in Turkey.

“When we moved back to the US, we left Turkey but our clients didn’t want to leave us, so we thought about ways we could make things work. Initially, we did Skype programs, and it was okay, but it wasn’t a professional way to do things. It was just for communication, but we wanted more. I was looking at doing webinars too so I had live sessions in one place and webinars in another, but we really wanted it all on one platform. That’s how I found Yondo.”

Tony & Karen have been using Yondo for 5 months and are extremely satisfied with the service.

“I love that with Yondo, it looks like it’s my platform. That’s my favorite part. When people go to my store it looks like mine, it looks so professional. The customer service has also been excellent. You ask a question, and they respond so quickly. Everyone’s been very patient getting me started and talking me through it. Yondo thought about everything. The calendar, the attachments, the reminders – it’s awesome.

It’s an amazing package. It’s going to help our business reach audiences worldwide. Yondo has really created something that is so us. They really got us. We love it.”Click To Tweet

“Looking into the future, we’re going to continue to make more videos and start hosting webinars which will be great for sourcing new clients and reaching new audiences. We really believe that what Yondo is doing is very cool and has opened up the floodgates for a global movement for online business”.



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