Explode Your Website Traffic with Webinars

Expand Your Website Traffic and Customer Base with Webinars

Most people know that webinars are a merging of the words ‘web’ and ‘seminars.’ Even before the internet, offline seminars were an excellent way for marketers to gather large groups together to hear about a particular topic. Now, the internet has proven to be a great way to get people together online, inexpensively, and this technique is becoming popular among large and small business owners.

Why Are Webinars Powerful?

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Believe it or not, most people don’t own a website. They don’t own a blog. Usually, they only go online to check their email, look into what’s happening on Facebook and maybe do a Google search or two. Why should this matter to you as an online entrepreneur?

Well, it’s important because you will immediately be seen as an expert simply because you own a website. Also, by hosting a webinar, your viewers will assume you are an even greater expert and must be a leader in your field.

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They will return to your website over and over. You’ll get more traffic and, because your webinar solved a problem, more people will buy your products and services. Also, they will talk to their friends, and this word-of-mouth advertising will bring even more free, targeted traffic to your website.

Another advantage of hosting webinars is that you will be seen as a human being by your viewers. You can add an ‘About Me’ section that talks about your interests and includes a shot of your smiling face. It brings you alive for your viewers, and they will be more likely to trust you and your recommendations.

When you make this personal connection, you are no longer a random online business owner. Instead, everyone listening to you will feel like you are speaking directly to them as though you’re having a one-on-one conversation. This will make you more relevant in your viewers’ lives and will give you a steady stream of targeted traffic.

Webinar Collaboration

After you have hosted a number of webinars and made a solid connection with your viewers, they will purchase your products, sign up for your email list and like and respect you. Now, imagine what would happen if you teamed up with another marketer who has made this same connection with their viewers.

You will both benefit from a collaboration. For example, when you announce a webinar to your list, your partner will be doing the same thing with his list. That means you both will attract new clients and build more highly targeted traffic. Best of all, you will dramatically improve the chances you will be successful.
Now is the time to add webinars to your marketing schedule and find a great collaborator to start maximizing your webinar income. There have been many highly profitable collaborations online that have been hugely successful.


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