1-to-1 Live Video Sessions (Feature Highlight)

Consultancy can be an incredibly appealing job for many people with expertise in their chosen field as it allows for more flexibility. As a consultant, you have the ability to choose how you interact with your clients and associates – but you want to be sure you’re communicating in a way that’s efficient and effective. At Yondo, we believe the perfect solution is through Live 1-to-1 Video Sessions.


The pain point of face-to-face consultancy is undeniably the inconvenience of travel and the lengthy times and expensive costs associated with it. Live 1-to-1 sessions essentially eliminate this issue, by bringing all of your clients to your computer screen.  


Live 1-to-1 sessions are online consultations that are more convenient than a face-to-face consultation, and just as personable. Dissimilar to a regular video call, where the lines are unclear, the calls are costly and the payment system has to be set-up separately – Yondo’s service is high quality and all-in-one.


We’ve included a few select features that take it above and beyond a regular videocall to ensure you’re getting everything you could ever need from a live 1-to-1 platform.


Live 1-to-1 recording feature

The Yondo live 1-to-1 recording feature allows users to record their 1-to-1 sessions and with the click of a button, the recordings can be made available as videos-on-demand in their Yondo stores. This way, when users have a great session, they can capitalize off it again and again through the video-on-demand library. If you choose to record your session, the recording can automatically send to the client you were with which can be very helpful for them to use for future reference.


No software to download

One of the best features we provide to our customers is that their viewers don’t have to download any annoying software when attending your webinars. When your attendees join your webinar through the Yondo system, they can simply view it directly through their browser. As a whole, this makes your service more convenient and more appealing to your customers.


Add team member

For larger organizations, our team members feature is ideal. The team members feature allows you to add employees into your live 1-to-1 system, where they can set up their own dashboards, generate their own analytics and set up their own schedules. This way, the 1-to-1 sessions can be scheduled with any of your employees, meaning more availability for your customers and a higher chance of a sale for your business.


The booking calendar

Anyone running a business knows that scheduling is a fundamental tool to ensuring your business runs smoothly and professionally. Scheduling mishaps can easily happen, and they can sometimes mean the loss of valuable business. One of Yondo’s most useful features is the Booking Calendar. This is an internationally mapped system that comes with your live 1-to-1 session capabilities. Here, clients can publically view your sessions in their respective time-zones and sign up-to them accordingly. Customers also have the ability to see the schedules of all the different team members in your organization should you have any. With an easy to use interface and a straightforward approach to scheduling, the booking calendar saves time and effort, leaving you with a clear idea of when your live 1-to-1 sessions will take place, who will be attending.


The booking calendar plugin

If you’re serious about selling your live 1-to-1 services online, you need to make the process as simple as you can for your customers. You don’t want them to be redirected to three different places before they make their booking, because it reduces the likelihood that they’ll actually follow through. You want something instant that’s going to get you the conversion rates you deserve. The Yondo booking calendar plugin allows you to display your booking calendar as a plugin for emails and external websites. This means clients can make their bookings on the spot, the same as they would through your Yondo store, just on a more convenient and effective platform.


Automated emails

At Yondo we understand that there’s a lot of preliminary work that goes into creating a live 1-to-1 session. Time can really get away from you and so make your job a little easier, we created a feature that sends out confirmation and reminder emails to your clients. In using this feature, your customers will receive a confirmation email of their booking immediately after they have signed up and will be reminded via email twice before the event goes live.


Phone and video call capabilities

It’s important to have a system that lets you communicate through a range of platforms in order to be flexible and adaptable to your different clients. With the Yondo live 1-to-1 system, you always have the option to choose whether you would like to conduct a phone call or a video call.


The simple payment system

Traditionally, for a consultant to receive payment for their services they would have to set up an account on an external site. The problem with this, other than the obvious hassle it would take to get set-up and the extra costs it would accrue, is the simple fact that the whole process would seem disjointed and unprofessional to your clients. They want to know their payments are secure and your services are legitimate. Yondo’s payment system remedies this by offering a built-in payment system through both Stripe and PayPal which means that all transactions are done in the one place, on the one platform which means that you get the money directly into your account.


Add some visual appeal through screen sharing

During a live 1-to-1 session it can be difficult to explain a complex topic without any kind of visual aid. To help with this, Yondo’s live 1-to-1 system allows for screen sharing. This function becomes particularly useful if you’re wanting to make for a more dynamic and engaging experience for your attendee whether that be a visual demonstration or a presentation. Once the screen sharing is active, you can turn it on and off as frequently as you wish.


Attach files to your videos

Sometimes, in order to provide a complete service to your customers you may need to send your viewers additional files such as handouts, forms or homework. However gathering email addresses of all of your attendees can be a tedious and time-consuming job. Yondo’s file sharing feature means that you can simply upload a document to accompany your webinar, which attendees will automatically be able to view.


At Yondo, we have put a lot of work into developing a world-class webinar software that serves the interests of its users. We provide a range of highly developed tools for you to use, that will allow you to take your business to the next level, demonstrate your expertise on a global scale and develop real authority in your industry.

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