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Why use Custom Domains? (Feature Highlight)

As of right now, there are almost 1 billion websites on the internet. That’s a lot of unavailable custom domain names, which means it can sometimes be difficult for you to get a succinct and relevant domain name for your website. But, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Having a custom domain name makes your business appear more professional as your branding is more easily identifiable. It also makes your business much easier to promote. So although it may be a lot of hassle, it’s worth it in the long run when considering the importance of search engine optimization and the vital role they play in sending customers to your business.

The difficulty is that many sites don’t allow you to customize your own domain names and often require you to use the ones that include their businesses name. This can really harm your online traffic as your website then becomes more difficult to find through search. At Yondo we provide you with a free “” domain address, however, we do recommend that you generate one of your own.
If you want to use a domain name provider, you can choose from a whole range of sites. Some of the major domain name providers are listed below:

Custom Domain Providers

In order to make this process a little easier, we’ve included a custom domain alias service that allows you to easily integrate your domain name into your Yondo store. This ensures that your branding is front and center when you start selling your Live 1-to-1 sessions, Webinars, and Videos on Demand. 

Setting-up each domain name site is different, so once you have registered a domain name you simply go to the Yondo domain name support page and simply follow the individual instructions for your chosen site.

After you have set up your CNAME in your DNS settings You’ll need to go into your Yondo account and add your new custom domain! For more information on How to Set-Up Your Domain Alias, check out this easy guide!



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