Using Discount Codes (Feature Highlight)


Everyone loves a discount. For a business owner, it’s the perfect incentive to draw in a new customer who may be interested in your business, but a little bit reluctant to trust it.


In providing a discount, you’re making prospective customers feel comfortable about your products and services, you’re letting them know that you have faith in it, and that ultimately – that they have nothing to lose by trying your products and services.


Moreover, it demonstrates your customer service abilities and lets them know that their business is valued which is how you build strong relationships with customers.


Yondo’s discounts feature allows users to create unique codes for customers to enter during their checkout process. It lets users decide their percentage off, the date of expiry and the amount of times the discount can be applied to a purchase. This way, you attract more customers who are more likely to want to engage with your business.


In applying these discounts to your products and services within your Yondo store, you are creating an incentive for customers to visit your store, and ultimately generate loyal relationships with customers, better brand recognition and higher sales for your business.


For more information about implementing discount codes, click the article below:

How to Set-Up a Discount Code





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