Implementing a Payment System (Feature Highlight)

Payment systems are arguably one of the most important parts of running an online business. Without them there’s no income and so it’s important that you have a system that lets you capitalise off your hard work as easily and affordably as possible. With this in mind, Yondo have put deep consideration into which payment systems it will have in place for our customers to use.


Traditionally, for an online business to receive payment for their services they would have to set up their own kind of payment gateway that usually involves sharing their details with their clients, which, for a growing business – is not ideal because it is both unsafe and unprofessional.


That’s why we’ve decided to offer built-in payment systems so the money is safely transferred straight into your account, with no fuss. This makes the process safe, professional and as straightforward as possible.


PayPal is easily the most well-known payment system around the world. It is integrated into millions of e-commerce sites and allows you to accept money from all over the world. There is a huge demand for PayPal as a payment system simply because people trust it. It’s known for it’s convenience and security and so by popular demand, Yondo have recently integrated it into their systems.


We also understand that not every payment system is perfect, and with the sheer variety of payment systems available today, all offering different things, it’s important to reflect that through our system – after all, it’s how YOU want to receive your money.
This is why we’ve chosen to integrate Stripe. We are very confident in Stripe as a fierce competitor of PayPal. Although it is a lesser known payment system, it is comprised of many of the same elements as PayPal, just with a fewer restrictions, and less expensive. Here is some further information about the system.



Find out more information about the Yondo payment systems below:

How To Configure Your Payment Settings



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