Choosing Templates and Using Custom Designs (Feature Highlight)

For many people, professional quality design often translates to professional quality content.  Just as we’re more likely to trust a lawyer in a suit than one on the street; we’ve been trained to make judgements based on appearances. When we’re online, it’s a very visual experience and we are drawn to good design.


This means that the amount of time and effort you put into your businesses design and branding, the more positive attention you will receive from clients and the more appealing your services become.


What’s difficult about using other platforms to create websites and such, is that often you have to be a tech wiz to understand the complex coding that goes into creating a website that looks half decent. But it is important. Your products need your branding; your personal ‘touches’ that let a customer know exactly who you are, otherwise people disconnect you from your content.


Here at Yondo, we get that your expertise like elsewhere.  To help, we’ve taken the stress away and added custom templates to your store. So now, instead of having to design and implement all of this for yourself, you can pick a template you feel matches the mood of your store, and the default settings can take care of the rest.


The Yondo templates have been designed with careful consideration, by our team of in-house industry professionals. They are created with a focus on clarity and simplicity.


Designing your store should be every bit as enjoyable as making it, and so we’ve put a heavy focus on ensuring our interface is extremely user friendly – meaning no complex coding or difficult widgets, just simple straightforward buttons that anyone can use and enjoy.


We also recognise that our users are all individualistic, and require different things in order to stand out from the crowd. We saw that many of our users were also quite time poor or perhaps uninterested in completing the design process themselves.


To cater to these select few, we have also created a custom design feature. This feature allows Yondo designers to transform a user’s store according to their specific requirements, branding and target audience, providing a professional design that goes above and beyond.


In today’s online age, where most successful businesses have made the shift to online, what’s really  going to get people’s attention is what sets your store apart from the rest. It is vital for any online business to recognize the importance of design and what it can do for your business. What Yondo provides is custom templates with high levels of customization, as well as professional services to ensure that your business can reach its full potential.


For more instructions, click the link below:
How to Set Up Your Store Template



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