Why You Should Use Third Party Integrations? (Feature Highlight )

When you’re conducting business online, it can be beneficial to use integrations that help you get past the everyday pains of online business. You need different services to help you with different things but the most frustrating aspect of accessing all of these great services is the lack of synchronicity. Files everywhere, scheduling mismatches, incomplete client lists; it can become a very messy, but necessary nuisance.


Fortunately, here at Yondo, we can help to solve this issue by providing customers with our third-party integrations feature.


Third-party integration allows for the stitching together of different systems in order to achieve cohesion throughout your online business. We have identified a collection of key third party sites that we believe can be used in conjunction with our Yondo service in order to enhance the experience for our users.


Mail Chimp

By connecting your MailChimp account with your Yondo store, you are better able to manage your email marketing campaigns. When a new customer is purchasing any products on your store, they will automatically be added to your email list, providing an opportunity for you to easily get your message across to more people.  MailChimp also has a drip marketing campaign feature that can be particularly useful for Yondo consultants that are signing up new customers.  The integration automatically sends a series of emails to new and existing customers, containing content such as product tips and information about your store and its services.



Dropbox is a great feature for any online business as it allows for worldwide file-sharing and synchronisation. By connecting your Dropbox account to your Yondo store, any videos under the Video-on-Demand folder are automatically added to your Video-on-Demand store and are kept safe, synced and in a location that is easy to share.


Google Analytics

At Yondo, we already have our own built-in analytics that is specifically related to your Yondo store. However, if you are using Google analytics in other areas of your business, it can also be integrated and used in conjunction with your Yondo analytics. By connecting your Google Analytics account, your tracking code will be embedded into all pages of your Yondo store meaning all traffic can also be tracked within Google Analytics.



If your website is run through Weebly, you can now conduct webinars straight from your website through our Yondo plugin. This feature allows you to schedule, arrange and conduct your webinars all in one place.


CRM Tools

Yondo offers a number of integrations with your favorite CRM Tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, and more. By integrating with third-party CRM and marketing automation software tools, Yondo enables your existing customers and contacts to register for your online webinars more easily. Yondo offers integration options with third-party CRM platforms to allow for better management of your contacts.


Ultimately, Yondo’s third-party integration feature is designed with the sole purpose of making it easier for our clients to conduct their business through our platform. With such a wide-ranging collection of third-party software, we hope that it will contribute to the overall success of your Yondo store.


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