Videos-on-Demand with Yondo (Feature Highlight)

Videos are a great form of communication that allow you to take full control over how you want your business to be showcased to the public. They provide a platform for businesses to connect with viewers in a way that is engaging and effective. The rampant success of online videos in recent years has been phenomenal. Now, more than ever, people are turning to online video to learn skills from the privacy of their own home or office.


Here at Yondo, we believe that this should mean that all small businesses should be taking advantage of this platform and finding ways to get their business out there and monetize their expertise through online video.


We’ve worked hard to ensure our product can fulfil all of your online video needs through our range of specialized features to help your business succeed. We’ve got clients from all over the world using our video-on-demand service. From horse whisperers to boxing instructors; all of our clients enjoy the simplicity that comes with selling their videos online through Yondo.


If you need convincing as to why Yondo is the best choice for your online video business ventures, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite video-on-demand features and services just for you.


Decide how much you want to charge

With all of the time and effort you spend creating and uploading your videos, you should be able to control how much you get back for your hard work. And the great thing about that nowadays, people are willing to pay for expertise. The pricing system in Yondo’s video-on-demand library is created to ensure that you have full control over your pricing. Set a rental price and time limit for each of your videos, or perhaps you’d like to sell them as a subscription package – the choice is entirely up to you.


Add your videos to your external website

One of our most exciting features is the ability for you to showcase your Yondo videos directly on your website. At Yondo, we recognise that your website is the place that attracts the most traffic for your business and if you’re looking for more effective sales of your products and services – your website is the place to do it. Ultimately, this capability allows you to streamline your services and drive more traffic to your paid videos which generates more interest in your videos and more revenue for your business.


Add a clickable call-to-action banner

For many people, call-to-action’s are the most important tool for increasing your conversion rates. Online videos are commonly used as marketing tools where they provide useful information to an audience and lead to a paid offering at the end so Yondo have decided to create a feature that allows you convert your viewers into repeat customers in the most effective way you can – a clickable call-to-action banner. They are instructional and compelling, especially after a video-on-demand when you’ve invested so much time demonstrating your expertise. Best of all, your Yondo call-to-action banner is fully customizable, which means you have full control over how it is presented and when it is presented. This is a feature you won’t find anywhere else.


Add preview videos

Teaser videos are a great way for your to generate buzz around your paid videos. Showcase your main points of interest, capture their attention with your most engaging content. Once viewers are hooked on your teaser videos, they are far more likely to want to invest in your paid videos. Through the Yondo system, you can even embed these teasers onto your external website and guide them to your full-length videos on your Yondo store through a call-to-action banner.


Multiple devices

At Yondo, we understand that the more accessible your Videos-on-Demand are to a range of audiences, the higher your chances of success are going to be. Our system has been created to ensure that your videos-on-demand maintain their same quality across a variety of platforms whether that be desktop (PC/ Mac), Andriod or iOS devices.


Sit back and let us upload your videos for you

If you’ve ever tried to upload a video, you know it can be a strenuous and time consuming task –  especially if you have a poor internet connection or a large video file. If you’ve got a trove of videos that you want to feature on your store, it can even take days. At Yondo, we know how valuable your time is so we’ve introduced a video uploading service. Simply save your videos to a drive, send them through and we’ll take care of the rest for an additional fee.


Let us take care of the production and script writing

It’s not always easy to get creative with your content. Nor is it easy to master the intricate art of video production and design, and plan and direct a script that doesn’t seem too, well… scripted. In this day and age, with the popularity of online video, it means your videos have to be creative in order to be competitive. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. For an additional fee, we can take care of the entire process for you. Not only is this feature time-saving, it also allows your videos to have that professional touch that ensures quality, taste and personalization are key factors in the creation process.
At Yondo, we have put a lot of work into developing a world-class webinar software that serves the interests of its users. We provide a range of highly developed tools for you to use, that will allow you to take your business to the next level, demonstrate your expertise on a global scale and develop real authority in your industry.


For more information, click the link below:

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