How-to Record a Webinar (Feature Highlight)

By creating a store on Yondo, you  provide yourself with an opportunity  to connect with people from all over the world and monetize your expertise on a global scale. Our team do what we can to make this a simple process for you, by providing you with features that cater specifically to your interests as a business owner.

Our webinar feature is among one of the most popular. Webinars have the potential to dramatically reduce costs for our users by eliminating the travel costs associated with face-to-face contact. Our users enjoy the comfortability that comes with using a platform that engages many people with their content, all from the privacy of their home or office.

Yondo have put this into consideration and have included a feature that seeks to help you maximize your profit from your successful webinars. It is the webinar recording feature.


This feature allows users to record their webinars then convert this recording to a video-on-demand in their store, with the click of a button. It’s seriously that easy. No uploading, no downloading – it all happens in the background. This way, when  you have a great webinar, you can convert it into a video which you can then sell again. This means that you are able dramatically increase the amount of profits you make from a single presentation.

For consultants looking to make a generous capital from their hard work, this feature is ideal.

For more information, click the link below:

How To Record Webinars



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