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Fitness Marketing: 25 creative ways to market your online fitness videos and classes

If you’ve taken the step of moving any part of your fitness business online in the form of training or online videos, you need a marketing plan.

You need a strategy to build interest in your brand!Click To Tweet This will help you have a comprehensive fitness marketing plan, drive traffic to your website, and generate new sales to your online videos library and online fitness training courses.

Below you’ll find 25 creative ways to do just that – each focused on the places your ideal customers are most likely to spend their time:

1. Offer Free Bits of Your Best Content on YouTube

Offer a free sample to people who may not know you exist using the world’s largest content network. Distributing quality free content on YouTube can net you subscribers, new visitors to your website, and ultimately customers for your online fitness training courses.

2. Use a Video Bio on Your Website

Swap out the boring old text bio on your website for a video. Introduce yourself, show how energetic you really are and repost that video to as many places as you can. Use it in your video store, on your website, on YouTube, and on Facebook to drive interest.

3. Create Video Testimonials from Your Best Clients

If you’re moving your fitness training business online, you probably already have some clients from the gym or elsewhere that you can tap for testimonials. Get a quick thank you or run-through of their story and use it to show social proof of what you’ve accomplished through your business.

4. Build a Problem-Solving Blog for Your Prospects

While most of your paid content (and a good chunk of your free content) should be video, don’t underestimate the value of a good blog. Write content that addresses user problems and aims to show up in search engines for those queries. You’d be surprised how much traffic a good, quality written blog can drive to a video training program.

5. Create a Facebook Group 

Creating your own Facebook groups does help you improve your fitness marketing efforts by creating a community around your offerings. It will give your customers an easy way to connect with you and others that also follow your fitness guidance.

6. Answer Live Questions on YouTube

You can take this one step further and take those very same questions on YouTube – either live or from the poll you ran on Facebook. By creating video content during which you address these common questions, you can become a go-to resource for all sorts of interesting topics.

7. Build a Webinar from the Questions You Receive

You didn’t think we were done there, did you? Content is amazing because it isn’t one and done. Unlike an ad, you can use a piece of content or a marketing tactic over and over again to drive interest and build traffic. Take the same questions you asked on Facebook and YouTube and create a webinar out of it – or even drive a new course outline from the most common questions you receive.

8. Build a Brand of Inspiration and Self-Wellness

It’s easy to fall into the trap of only writing and recording about the things you are teaching. But keep in mind what people who want fitness training are really looking for. They want wellness and happiness in their lives. Lululemon has built its brand around this by creating content that focuses both on fitness and on local communities and inspirational tips and self-wellness in general terms.

9. Network with Other Online Business Owners

Co-branding is a great way to leverage the expertise of another provider to reach a new audience. Find someone whose expertise complements yours – possibly in fitness, mental health, or general wellness. You can now co-brand content through joint webinars, group classes, or books that you both distribute to your lists to share results.

10. Submit Press Releases for Each of Your New Offerings

This is an old-school tactic but it still works very well online. Press releases are distributed to thousands of websites, online news aggregators and more, and when you have something newsworthy there’s a good chance you’ll get picked up. There are both free press release distribution sites and paid ones that offer larger distribution – both can work depending on the scale of your release.

11. Sponsor Community Events both Online and Offline

Don’t forget your community and the people in it who helped get you where you are. Sponsor local events, local sports teams, or even a local athlete or young person who is trying to accomplish something. This type of sponsorship will allow you to build a stronger local brand and help you in your fitness marketing.

12. Use TikTok and Periscope to Take Your Video Social

Short and live video formats for social media are a great way to drive more interest in your brand. Use Periscope stream offline events you are holding and create short TikTok videos with micro tips on nutrition or early morning exercises.

13. Use Weekly Events Like #TBT and #FF

There are a number of universal events on Twitter each week – the two most famous are #ThrowbackThursday and #FollowFriday. Use them liberally to build your brand. Throwback Thursday is especially powerful for people who have been working on their bodies – showing what they used to struggle with versus today.

14. Hold a Photo or Video Contest

Contests are incredibly effective in driving engagement from your existing list and attracting new people. Use video and photo formats to create contests that you run on Facebook, Twitter, or your website.

15. Post Coupon Codes to Deal Sites

Create coupon codes in Yondo and distribute those to deal sites. There are hundreds of these sites that aggregate coupon codes and help people find courses and other online resources that are currently on sale. This can even help you seed a new webinar by offering a free pass.

16. Build an Email List and Contact It Often

Your email list is a valuable resource – one that you should be building constantly. If you don’t have one, create one. If you do have one, use it by contacting people at least once a month and creating opt-in forms on your website.

17. Bring on Experts for Interviews and Join Them

Invite experts in various specific fields to join you on your webinars or in your group classes. You can even ask them to come to your blog and write content from their expertise. This will lend you credibility through their expertise but also leverage access to their audience if they promote their appearance.

18. Write an eBook or 101 Guide

Again, the written content is not where the majority of your audience and customers will come from, but it is a tactic you shouldn’t ignore. Create an eBook on one or more of the most common questions you get or a 101 guide on getting started with something that you teach. These can be key pieces of your fitness marketing materials to help grow your business.

19. Create Guest Content for High Caliber Sites

Rather than having people come on your site and create content, you can do the same for theirs. This is often easier as all sites are looking for good content. This can be in the form of a short video, an infographic, a short guide, or a blog post you write for a site that accepts guest posts.

20. Create Memes and Other Graphics

The third type of content we haven’t yet discussed is graphics. Images like memes or infographics are powerful and get shared rapidly on Facebook and Twitter. It’s also a good match for your online audience who are looking for engaging content about fitness and the struggles they are facing.

21. Hold a Survey

Survey the people you already have contact information for or look for new people you can interact with while building your business. Survey Monkey allows you to send emails to people not on your list for a cost if your list is too small.

22. Create Audio Content from Your Best Stuff

Turn your best content into audio content and distribute it as a fitness podcast, or record a separate podcast that summarizes that content in a new format. Podcasts are growing rapidly in popularity and offer a chance to engage with people on the go through their iPhone or Android device. You can’t train people through audio, but you can inform them and build a relationship.

23. Get Interviewed for Radio or Podcast

If the thought of creating your own audio podcast is too much, consider going on other people’s. Most podcasts are recorded via Zoom these days, which means you can join people from far away with ease. This is also a great way to get your name out there and there are a lot of podcasters actively looking for experts to join them each week.

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