Five Steps to Video eCommerce Success

Today’s online retailers face a unique challenge. While the Web has made it easier for eCommerce platforms to reach customers all over the globe, this way of doing business has also greatly depersonalized the shopping experience. Online retailers are not able to look their customers in the eye and offer them personalized assistance in the way brick-and-mortar business owners are able to. Re-creating this personalized sense of service is a key factor in building a successful eCommerce business. With this in mind, it is essential that online business owners find ways to reach their customers, build a sense of credibility and truly help tell a story about their products in a way that brings a more personalized touch back to the shopping experience.

One way to do this is through eCommerce videos. However, finding success with one of these campaigns requires a detailed and professional approach. With this in mind, there are five crucial steps to video eCommerce success that online businesses must adhere to in order to get results.

  1. Choose the Right Video Solution

Before you start making actual videos, it is essential to have the right tools to help you in the creation process. The right video solution is one specifically designed to work with eCommerce and will allow you to measure performance, create an engaging user interface and automate the distribution process. The right solution should also allow you to create mobile-friendly videos, as eCommerce success relies on the viewer’s ability to easily see and engage with the content.

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  1. Make your eCommerce Videos Educational

Quality eCommerce videos should educate consumers on the product. This is one of the most important success factors because this type of content provides a completely unique way to showcase a product and its capabilities. Videos should be seen as a way to re-personalize the online shopping experience and allow the customers to view products at multiple angles, see how they perform and learn as much as possible about the item within that segment. Think of the video as a replacement for the consumer, touching, using and asking questions about an item before purchasing.

  1. Keep SEO in Mind

Many people focus on content and keyword stuffing when creating strong search engine rankings. However, product videos have actually been shown to boost rankings, so keep your overall SEO goals in mind during development. This can be an essential component in building a successful eCommerce business, since Google favors videos when determining search engine results. In fact, both Google and YouTube recently updated their algorithms in order to more heavily favor video content.

  1. Test and Retest Video Performance

The key to video eCommerce success is remembering that the process is always ongoing.Click To Tweet No matter what market you are in, it is always changing. In order to keep up with the changes in your industry, you need to be testing and retesting the performance of your videos and making changes as needed. A/B testing or comparing different approaches side-by-side is a great way to see which thumbnails, banners or ads are leading to the most clicks.

You need to be measuring eCommerce success with your videos – not just once, but consistently. It is important to keep testing the performance of each video you create and gathering as much information as possible to ensure you are putting your best content in front of your viewers.

  1. Implement Videos into Your Marketing Campaigns

Effective online marketing is a multi-faceted undertaking; it requires the use of different channels and different approaches. Make sure you implement these videos into different aspects of your marketing efforts. When looking at video eCommerce success stories, chances are that they started by using social media. Simply put, people share videos on social media, not only on Facebook, but also sites like Pinterest. Video pinning on the Pinterest platform has become a significant way for eCommerce companies to generate more visitors and improve their online presence.

When it comes to measuring eCommerce success, it is important to look at more than just the number of views your videos are getting. Ecommerce videos do require time and money, but the important thing to remember is the real return on investment these videos tend to offer. In addition to spreading them on social networks, create your own brand channel on YouTube, send the videos out in newsletters and work on spreading the content in a way that will increase brand visibility and credibility.

Online merchants will find that paying attention to these eCommerce success factors is essential to building a robust and engaging platform. However, the first step in video eCommerce success is to find the right platform to begin distributing these videos on, the foundation for any eCommerce business to begin building a successful product video campaign upon.

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