Give the gift of working less hours for Christmas

This time of year, the days swell with holiday activities. Shopping, picking up family at the airport, decorating the house – there’s a long list of things to do and people you want to spend time with. Yet, work rarely allows us to completely detach for long enough to do it all.

Fortunately, working less hours for Christmas is now possible, since technology is changing that. In recent years, whether a company offers remote work options or not, there has been a growing push to integrate communications technologies that allow us to stay connected from anywhere at any time. This time of year, that webinar and online meeting technology is just what you need to let yourself and your employees work less hours.

How to Work Less Hours without Hurting Productivity

For most industries, the holidays bring slower days and fewer meetings, but they never quite stop completely. You and your team may find yourself in the office or behind the counter working just as many hours for half as much work.

It’s tempting to just go home and spend that time with your family, but there are still tasks to be done and customers to be helped. That’s where online meetings come in. By shifting to a temporary remote workforce over the holidays, you can have it both ways – keeping your clients and customers happy but working fewer hours when there is less on the docket to be done. Here are a couple of tips to make it a reality for your office:

  • Shift All December and Early January Meetings Online – Starting mid-December, move all scheduled meetings to online conference numbers or webinar sessions. This way people who are out of town or at home for the day can chime in without having to come into the office. Give everyone on the team access so they can create their own online meetings with colleagues or customers.
  • Coordinate with Clients and Customers to Connect Via Webinar – You can use the same tools to connect with clients as well. Provide bookings through Yondo for one-to-one sessions if you have any upcoming client meetings, sales calls, or other interactions.

The best part about technology like this is that it doesn’t require you to commit to a full-time remote workforce. It can be used as needed by your team. Whether you are traveling to see family across the country or you would prefer to be home helping with the gift wrapping, this can make it a reality.

Choose a Flexible Online Meeting Solution to Work Less Hours

If the gift of less hours for you and your team of employees sounds like a good fit, consider Yondo and its comprehensive suite of online meeting and webinar tools. Flexible to include one-to-one consulting features alongside webinar management tools that support up to 1,000 seats, Yondo allows you to adjust as needed to match the needs of your team and customers.

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