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Guest Post: Power Your Business With Mobile

Despite the continuing cultural and economic dominance of the iPhone and its Android counterparts, mobile is still treated as a bit of a sideshow. Sure they’re fun toys, the thinking goes, but doing serious work requires sitting at a computer. This notion is as outdated as having a pager clipped to your belt.

So, where should your business be most focused when it comes to mobile?


Your Website


With 56% of all US website traffic driven by mobile in 2015, its clear that a mobile friendly site should be the most important part of your business’s online presence. Your website has to be just as easy to use and edit from a phone as it is from a computer.


Weebly automatically handles this by using responsive themes on all sites. You design your site once, we take care of the rest. The themes “respond” to whatever device your customer is using, adjusting size and layout to ensure text, pictures and other content always look their best.

Weebly takes this dedication to mobile even further, providing full featured apps for Android and iOS that allow you to build and manage a site directly from your phone or tablet.

Want to upload a photo you just took? Done.

Quickly respond to a comment on a blog post? Type away.

Mark that an order has been shipped to a customer? Simple as tapping a button.

That last one is particularly helpful. Since your online store is designed to work perfectly on a phone or tablet, those 56% of visitors on mobile will have just as easy a time making a purchase as the 44% of visitors on a computer. Which means you might just have a lot more orders to ship.

That’s nice for eCommerce, but what if you have a physical storefront? Isn’t it complicated to track sales and process transactions for both? It isn’t, and that’s largely thanks to Square.


Your Payment Processing


Square’s release in 2009 was near revolutionary in making credit card processing simple and accessible to everyone. Have a phone or tablet? They’ll send you a free dongle to plug-in and start accepting credit cards. No need to glue a complicated terminal down to a table alongside a giant register. Take payment from anyone, anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection.

Many companies took Square’s lead in the years that followed, so now there are numerous options for processing payments using a mobile device. Square remains the standard, though.One reason is that they also provide simple online payment processing, allowing you to handle in-person and web transactions through a single provider.

So if you happen to have a physical store and have built an online store through a service like Weebly, you could have Square up-and-running to process payments for both in less than ten minutes. Nothing complicated about that.

Of course, for any of this to matter you have to tell a compelling story to potential customers, and mobile is key for that too.


Your Story


Approximately 90% of users say product videos are helpful in their decision-making process. 75% of executives watch work-related videos on websites at least once a week. Yet only 22% of small businesses have any plans to post video in the next year.

Since so many of your customers, and so few of your competitors, are using them, video and webcasts are a great way to set yourself apart. They can even be a business onto themselves, enabling you to provide live consultations and on-demand videos.

Where does mobile come into this? Thanks to companies like Yondo, you can have mobile-ready video content and webinars, as well as sign-up forms and payment options for all three, without needing to give it a thought. Potential customers never have to leave their phones for any reason.

Get ahead of the curve now, before mobile traffic soars to even greater heights. Set yourself up for greater success. You’ll be glad you did.


Adam Tanguay runs Growth and SEO programs for Weebly. He also writes for the Weebly Blog and Inspiration Center.






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