How Call-to-Action’s Increase Conversion Rates

Ultimately the goal of your marketing efforts is to provide helpful information about your business and increase your sales. For many people, call-to-action’s (CTA) are the most important part of any marketing content when looking to increase conversion rates. CTA’s not only instruct people to take action and “download now” or “sign-up here”, they do it in a way that is both compelling and exciting.


Yondo understands the power of Call-to-Actions and have created a feature that allows you to display CTA’s in your webinars, videos-on-demand and live 1-to-1 sessions. After you’ve spent time demonstrating your expertise through these services – call to actions work extremely well to push people towards the sale, or find out more information.


Yondo is the only webinar service that allows you to showcase your very own clickable CTA banners, where attendees and viewers are taken straight to other pages right from your sessions whether that be the next episode in your video series, a link to some merchandise or a free trial.


At Yondo, we also understand that bold font, bright colors and emotive text all contribute to making a really effective CTA and so we’ve given our users the ability to fully customize their own call-to-actions. You can customize the heading, text, URL and decide whether you’d like to display an image or a short video clip as well as customize your button and background colors.


We put the control in your hands to decide what you think is going to work best for your business.




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