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How to Build an Audience for your Online Videos

This article will provide you with solutions for growing your online video audiences and generating more income for your business!

Unfortunately, getting high numbers of page views for your online videos isn’t an easy endeavor. To generate traffic consistently, without doing a bunch of extra work promoting your content, you need an audience. Fortunately, there are plenty of online tools and platforms to help you do just that.

Target Blogs & Media

Targeting blogs and media will help generate exposure and increase your brand recognitionClick To TweetBut before you go submitting articles and quotes to any old blog or media outlet, it’s important to consider what each of these publications can do for you. Will they generate traffic? What’s their audience size? What kind of audience will I reach? All of this is important because the quality is going to do far more for you than quantity.

Create a list of popular blogs that may be interested in your marketing content. Target ones that seem to accept and share guest posts; ones that are more likely to want to engage with you. Reach out to these blogs and when you do – sell yourself to them. Focus on the usefulness of your content or services from their perspective to take away from the fact that you’re trying to sell something to their audiences, otherwise, that’s all they’re going to hear.

Even if you start small by getting published in a more niche publication. This will allow you to build up your reputation and generate more of a buzz before you take on the larger publications.


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Create a Pre-Launch Page

Pre-Launch landing pages are very successful at creating a buzz around your video site launch. This is where people will go for more information, it’s where they’ll be sent to via your marketing content to complete your pre-sign up forms so it needs to be an exciting and engaging space for them where they feel compelled to act.

One way you can do this is by having a countdown. Countdowns are an exciting thing, they create a real sense of urgency and so they can be a great addition to your landing page.

Another tip is to offer a sneak peek clip that demonstrates what your video channel is going to be all about – make sure to focus on the most exciting or gripping parts of your ideas.

Pop-ups are the best way to display your email sign ups because they’re prominent and unavoidable, people literally have to click out of them to not see them so they are guaranteed to be noticed which can really help your conversion rates.

Many sites you can use you create these automated pop-up’s come with some really cool features that let you fully customize pre-set designs so that they are branded and visually appealing to your page viewers.

Take them a step further and add your promotional discounts, giveaways, and contests to your pop-ups and see the difference it makes. These kinds of pop-up’s can increase conversion rates by up to 20%.


Sign-up to Sourcing Sites

There are actually loads of sites online that journalists and other members of the media industry go to to find sources for their media packages whether that be articles, video packages or radio segments.

Expert sources can essentially be anyone with expertise in their field, someone with a particular interest that can bring something to the table, like you. Journalists will create hundreds of listings every day so your chances for exposure are actually quite high if you act on the right opportunities. Not only is this valuable for exposure, it’s great for building a credible reputation for yourself.

These sites include Help a Reporter Out and Source Bottle


Run a Contest/ Giveaway

Contests and giveaways can increase your conversion rates up to 30%. Some things you could consider doing: sending in video submissions of reviews of your marketing content, sending in video submissions of ideas for your upcoming videos or giveaway a free live 1-to-1 video session or something like a video camera or filming equipment (the better the prize, the more interest it will generate).

Email sign ups are incredibly important when growing your audience. It’s connecting you with more people you know are interested which can be great for conversion rates.


Social Media

Being present on social media is arguably the most efficient way to attract new audiences. But before you start posting, have a well-developed strategy to attain these new audience members. Your goal is to connect with prospective viewers/customers and ensure your marketing content is seen by them.

Once you are established across a number of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram, you need to reach out to people online. To start with, use some friend-finding features to ensure that your friends and followers across all platforms are in sync.

Once you are established and your friends’ list has been expanded, reach out to other people online. Engage with groups on Facebook and reply to people’s questions with expert advice. Search through relevant hashtags and re-tweet and comment on people’s posts on Twitter. Engage with influencers within the industry by liking and sharing their content. The more you connect, the more visible you become to your respective industry.

You should share your marketing content multiples times, across every platform in order to ensure it’s seen by your audience.


Email Campaigns

Many people believe that the efficacy of an email campaign has truly diminished in recent years, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Email marketing has one of the highest RTO’s in the game and that’s because they’re both inexpensive and effective.

Getting your video marketing content into the inboxes of your client list can do wonders for your audience building endeavors – especially if that content is entertaining, rewarding and easily shareable.

Include some discounts and incentives to get people to your landing page. Perhaps embed your preview video straight into the email. And always, always include social media sharing links.



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