How-to: Create the Perfect at Home Studio

With modern advancements in filming technology, getting your hands on affordable equipment to film professional quality videos at home has become easy. Combined with the popularity of online videos in recent years, at-home video production has become a particularly lucrative tool for businesses. By investing in a few pieces of equipment and developing a great idea, you can really capitalize off the creation of high-quality content in today’s booming online video market.

But first, it’s important to have a studio to create these videos and knowing your way around all the in’s and out’s of video production can be a real challenge for some.

On a very basic level, the three main factors that go into creating a great at home studio is your set-up, your lighting and your audio.



Your setup is comprised of all of the equipment you intend to use and how it will be arranged for a more effective finish. Deciding on your equipment can be tricky. There is so much technology on the market, each promising different things that it can be difficult to decipher which things matter most, especially when you’re on a budget. As a general rule of thumb,


You’re definitely going to need:

  • A filming device: whether that be a professional camcorder, a dslr camera, a webcam or an iphone
  • A light source: whether that be natural lighting, an in-built light or an external  lighting kit
  • An audio recording device: whether that be built into your laptop, a digital recorder or an external mic
  • A pair of headphones
  • A tripod: If you’re not using a laptop or a webcam tripods are essential for making sure your frame is level and steady.


You may need:

  • A backdrop: in case you’re not recording in the most scenic or tidy workplace. It’s always important to see what’s behind you before you start filming.
  • Lighting stands and clamps: in order to get the light to hit the subject in the best possible position
  • A boom mic: to record quality audio in an open setting


You can use, but don’t need:

  • Filters & Gels: these simply add color effects to your shot. There are thousands to choose from and each can be used to achieve a variety of looks.
  • Green Screens: if you’re looking to spice up your video background this is what you’ll need. Keep in mind that green screens aren’t considered a professional tool and it will dramatically lessen the quality of your video unless it is an industry grade.



Make sure the lighting is plentiful. Dark settings equal poor quality and poor vision which can be extremely distracting and make for an unpleasant recording. 3 point lighting is ideal for shooting subjects, with two sources on either side and one above or behind the subject.

Never mix and match lighting. All bulbs are different and cast different colors which can really distort the lighting quality in a recording. If you don’t have enough lighting invest in a lighting kit to ensure that all of your elements are the same. If you decide to use artificial light you must eliminate all natural lighting in the room. Seal all cracks completely, black out curtains and thick towels can be useful for this.


Be aware of how your environment sounds in the recording by testing different settings. If you’re in a large sealed room with hardwood floors or tiles – chances are that you will get an echo in your recording. If this becomes an issue you can move to a ‘denser’ room with carpet to absorb the sound, use a boom mic, switch a higher quality microphone or hang sound blankets and in the room to diffuse the reverb. If your environment is open or not in a set room- check there are no outside noises coming in such as TV’s, Cars, Fans & Lawn Mowers.

Test the levels on your microphone before recording. Try it at different distances as well as different angles. There’s nothing more frustrating than finishing a recording and discovering your mic was too low or too high. Even in the editing process you can lose a lot of quality having to fiddle with these things.






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