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How To Film Fitness Videos With Your Phone [Infographic]

Below you will find our latest infographic on How To Film Fitness Videos With A Phone.



You may think you need a big expensive camera and lots of equipment to make high-quality videos, but you don’t!  All you need is that little device that goes with you wherever you go – your Smart Phone! Just follow these simple tips and you can create beautiful videos that no one would ever guess came out of your pocket.


Always make sure you film with your phone held in landscape mode.Click To Tweet


The best way to ensure that your video is stable is by attaching your smartphone to a tripod. If you don’t already have one, you can maintain plenty of stability by leaning your smartphone up against a supportive object in front of you or just simply holding it with two hands.


Always make sure when filming your video, to face your subject and not your light source.  If you are shooting directly into the light, you will get dark gloomy subjects that can look very unattractive. Remember, the sun is your best friend, as long as it’s behind you!


You want your audience to be able to hear you loud and clear without distractions in your fitness video. When filming, try to find a quiet room or space with minimal background noise. Any extra sounds can be quite distracting to your viewers and may seem unprofessional. Small wireless lapel microphones can also help make you sound clearer and can link to your phone for great quality audio.


You don’t need a Hollywood set to create great videos! All you need is a nice quiet space, free of any clutter that may distract your viewers. The space can be anything from a clean, clutter free room in your house, to a quiet park down the street. An empty gym or warehouse can also work really well if you have the right connections to be able to organize it.

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